V.23 No.22 | 5/29/2014
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News Feature

Primary Fight 2014

Both parties gear up for November’s battle royale

Candidates from both parties have opened their pocketbooks to get your vote—the race is on!
V.19 No.23 | 6/10/2010

Ortiz y Pino

Missed It by This Much

I just spent a year campaigning for lieutenant governor. Looking at the experience through the lens of some of the many numbers involved gives a peek inside electoral politics. It also offers a glimpse of how much work it will take to recapture democracy in New Mexico. Consider these digits:

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Pat Davis
Marisa Demarco

Election 2010

There Was Almost a New Sheriff in Town

Seven Bernalillo County sheriff contenders squeezed into the most crowded race on the Dem primary ballot. One of them was the first openly gay male candidate to run for sheriff in the nation.

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Ortiz y Pino’s Discarded Headlines

State Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino, a longtime Alibi columnist, penned an article on what it was like to lose the primary election. He faced five challengers in the race to become the Dems’ candidate for lieutenant governor in November. You can read his excellent column tomorrow in the dead-tree edition or here at

Initially, the headline for his piece was going to be: “Campaigning by the Numbers.” But I sent O y P an e-mail that said: Man, that headline is just not grabbing. It doesn't say, "I'm a state senator who ran for lieutenant governor, and here's a look at what the last year of my life was like."

He replied with great alternates, one of which I used. The senator has generously allowed me to share with you some of the headlines we didn’t go with:

The Senate Is More Fun Anyhow

15,000 Democrats Can be Wrong

Still a Bridesmaid

I'm a Lobo Fan: I'm Used to Losing

Way to have a sense of humor, sir.

V.19 No.22 | 6/3/2010

Answer Me This

1) Primary gubernatorial candidate Allen Weh (R) could personally profit from which policy?

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Live-Blogging the Primary TONIGHT at 6:30 p.m. is partnering with the New Mexico Independent this evening, and panelists will report from all over the state. The Alibi’s new arts & lit editor, Patricia Sauthoff, will chime in, along with KUNM's Jim Williams, Gwyneth Doland of The New Mexico Independent, reporter Larry Behrens and KNME’s Gene Grant, Kevin McDonald and Tracy Dingmann. Jump on in.

I’ll be stationed at Marble with Pat Davis’ watch party. He’s the first and only openly gay male candidate for any U.S. sheriff’s race.

Speaking of, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona is endorsing Dan Houston, a Republican in the Bernalillo County sheriff’s race. Arpaio’s done 15 anti-immigrant sweeps since early 2008 and once arrested the founders of an alt.weekly in the AZ after the paper covered his misdeeds extensively.

The Maricopa County sheriff has also endorsed in other races. He put his stamp on: Missouri’s Ed Martin, who’s running for Congress; Sen. John McCain’s opponent J.D. Hayworth; candidate for San Diego sheriff Jay LaSuer; Assembly candidate Etta Waterfield of San Luis Obispo, California; congressional candidate Philip L. Liberatore; and more.


Vote Today—If You Can

Get yourself down to the polls before 7 p.m. to vote in the primary election today if you’re a registered Republican or Democrat. Find out where to vote and get a sample ballot at the Bernalillo county clerk’s site.

Hard luck for anyone not registered as a Republican or Democrat. New Mexico runs closed primaries. According to Fair Vote, 17 states in the union hold some form of open primary.

There are five Republicans candidates in New Mexico for governor. Read about them and their positions on immigration, and see some of the other races on the ballots for Dems and the GOP in Bernalillo County.


Primary Election Live-Blog

First things first, if you’re a registered Democrat or Republican, tomorrow is the last day for early, in-person voting in the primary.

The election will be held Tuesday, June 1, and that evening, you can check in at for up-to-the minute coverage. We are teaming up with for a live-blog starting at 7 p.m.

I’ll be reporting from Pat Davis’ watch party at Marble Brewery. (I know, it’s a hard life). Davis is the first openly gay male candidate in a U.S. sheriff’s race.

Live-blog panelists will be stationed all over the place. The Alibi’s new arts & lit editor, Patricia Sauthoff, will chime in, along with KUNM's Jim Williams, Gwyneth Doland of The New Mexico Independent, reporter Larry Behrens and KNME’s Gene Grant, Kevin McDonald and Tracy Dingmann.

Read some of the Alibi’s primary previews here and here.

For sample ballots and voter info, go to or call (505) 827-3600. To find your polling location in Bernalillo County, go to or call 468-1291.