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V.21 No.26 | 6/28/2012
Geoff Plant


Men with guns bar QUQ from entering offices

When Erica Jones got to work this morning, she encountered an armed security officer.

“Can I help you?” asked Jones, the community outreach coordinator for Quote ... Unquote, Inc.

“Can I help you?” asked the man, blocking her passage into the building at 519 Central, NW.

Two officers had been posted at QUQ headquarters the night before, one at the front door and one at the back, Jones says. The locks had been changed overnight.

It’s not the first time Jones got a surprise from the city upon arriving to work.

After a long battle, QUQ lost its contract to operate the city’s public access channels, 26 and 27. The nonprofit’s contract was set to expire on Saturday, June 30, and employees have been packing and moving gear, and coordinating volunteer help.

A letter posted on the door this morning explains: “In order to assist in this orderly transition and to protect the significant amounts of equipment the city has provided, the city is releasing Quote ... Unquote, Inc. from its cable programming obligations under the contract and taking possession of city property effective today,” writes City Attorney David Tourek.

Tourek adds in an email to the Alibi that this situation is unique; the city does not typically handle changeovers this way. He says QUQ disputed the ownership of some items in the building, and the city wants to make sure those items aren’t removed before that’s sorted out.

QUQ employees are not allowed inside to collect their belongings until the chief security officer, Mark Shepherd, is present. “This has just been crazy,” says Jones. “There are lots of people outside waiting. We can’t get anything done.” Shepherd declined to comment.

Tourek says property that’s not in dispute and personal items will be moved tomorrow and Thursday.

Jones says the city has already conducted two inventories, so she doesn’t understand the hostility. “It’s totally undignified,” she says. “We could have had prior communication. All of this is unnecessary.”

QUQ is moving into two portables donated by RFK Charter School in the South Valley. The nonprofit will house its operation there and continue to offer media training and video production services. QUQ is still pursuing legal recourse over the loss of its contract.

V.21 No.19 | 5/10/2012

Council Watch

En Masse

Councilors tackled a long agenda before a full house at their Monday, May 7 meeting. It was standing-room only with more than 100 people signed up to speak about police shootings, public access television and gas station regulation.
V.21 No.2 | 1/12/2012


The state of public access TV

The cable board jumped into the fray over the city’s public access TV. Quote ... Unquote, Inc. is fighting to retain the contract it’s held for 30 years, even though the nonprofit is scheduled to hand over the reins to uPUBLIC at the end of March.

Comcast pays the city 40 cents per customer each month for the right to lay line in Albuquerque. The cash goes to fund public, educational or government stations—like public access channel 27 and Encantada TV channel 26. The cable board oversees those funds. But it didn’t have a say in who would be awarded the contract for those channels—and that’s something Martin Ethridgehill, chairman of the cable board, would like to rectify.

So in early January, the board reviewed the applications from QUQ and uPUBLIC, and voted unanimously to back QUQ.

It’s all in the hands of the City Council now. The issue isn’t on tonight’s meeting agenda, but that can change.

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Cable Board Speaks Up

In an unprecedented move, the Cable Franchise and Hearing Board stepped into the fray over who will operate the city's public access TV channels. With a unanimous vote on Thursday, Jan. 5, the board backed Quote ... Unquote, Inc., the nonprofit that ran the channels for three decades before losing its contract.
V.20 No.44 | 11/3/2011
Erica Jones, community outreach coordinator for Quote ... Unquote, Inc.
Eric Williams


End Quote?

Public access operator loses its contract with the city after 30 years

Quote ... Unquote, Inc. says there were irregularities in the bidding process and plans to appeal.
V.20 No.20 | 5/19/2011
Mettapocalypse of D.I.A.
Eric Williams

Derby News

Round and Round and Round

How a girl, a guy and the guy’s father found happiness in roller derby

The younger Jon Helm posed this question to his 61-year-old dad: “How would you like us to be the only father-and-son co-anchors of a nationwide sports show?” Dad did not hesitate: “Why the hell not?” “Derby Insider” debuted in March on public access TV.
V.19 No.52 | 12/30/2010


Public access telethon tonight

Quote... Unquote, Inc. will be holding a fundraiser tonight as the media nonprofit prepares to move into a new building. Albuquerque’s community TV champions are looking for cash and gear they may be able to use around the station. Tune in to Channel 27 tonight between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. for entertainment and notable speakers, and chip in if you’ve got some dough to spare. You can also watch the live telethon at

V.19 No.5 | 2/4/2010
Jeff Drew

Council Bite

Camera Cash Buys Police Cars

Camera Cash Buys Police Cars

Remember paying all those red-light camera tickets? The City Council spent most of the fine money collected since 2005 at the Monday, Feb. 1 meeting. Those dollars were allocated for upgrades to three fire stations, protective equipment for firefighters, 200 police cars and beefing up the party patrol.

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V.18 No.50 | 12/10/2009

Neverending Stories

Quote... Unquote, Inc. Wins One

In a matter of minutes, a grim situation for public access television did a 180. On Tuesday, Dec. 8, Quote... Unquote, Inc. Executive Director Steve Ranieri announced Mayor Richard Berry was undoing an eleventh-hour deed executed by former Mayor Martin Chavez.

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V.18 No.43 | 10/22/2009

Council Watch

Coming Up Short

Councilors had barely sat down when they were hit with bad news at their Monday, Oct. 19 meeting. Financial staff said the city is looking at a $12 million shortfall for the 2010 budget due to falling sales tax income and other revenues. The Council was told not to look to the Legislature for help because there just isn’t any money there, either. Come Dec. 1, when Mayor-Elect Richard Berry and the new Council take over, there will not be much of a honeymoon.

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V.18 No.40 | 10/1/2009
A television awaits Encantada TV’s first signal at the kickoff party on Tuesday, May 5, in Civic Plaza. Broadcast began at 1 p.m.
Marisa Demarco

News Bite

Public Access TV Seeks Shelter and Funds

Quote... Unquote, Inc. got an eviction notice.

The county wants the nonprofit that runs public access channel 27 and Encantada TV on channel 26 to vacate the old Bernalillo County Courthouse by Dec. 31. "There was an issue, an ongoing argument between the city and the county, and we happened to get caught in the middle of it," explains Colleen Gorman, media education and information systems coordinator for Quote... Unquote, Inc.

The city was renting the space for $1 per year from the county. APS did some renovating in the fall and temporarily housed the Atrisco Heritage Academy High School there. Then Bernalillo County decided to use more of the building, and the city didn’t want to continue to cover the utilities if the county was occupying more space, Gorman says.

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