V.21 No.22 | 5/31/2012
Al Park


Al Park’s omission

During our endorsement interview, we asked attorney and PRC candidate Al Park about a potential conflict of interest in contracting with the state if he gets elected.

That day in early May, he told the editorial panel, "Over 50 law firms in the state have risk management contracts, and we've got a really small one." He failed to mention his firm— Park & Anderson, LLC—has made more than $600,000 from that contract in the last 10 months.

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Al Park

Election News

What’s in the Mud?

Public Regulation Commission candidate Al Park is a member of a three-lawyer firm that contracts with the state to handle risk management cases.

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V.21 No.20 | 5/17/2012

Primary Election Guide 2012

Public Regulation Commission

District 1, Democrat candidates

Salary: $90,000/year

Term: Four years

Tasks: Regulates utilities, telecommunications, transportation and insurance industries to ensure fair, reasonable rates

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