real world

V.19 No.7 | 2/18/2010
Our air hockey table in the back of a truck.

The Alibi Air Hockey Table Has Been Grabbed

This week, we ran an Alibi classified ad offering up our the air hockey table to the first person who could haul it away. We got about a zillion calls and now it’s gone. Sorry to everyone who didn’t get here first. It was really huge and took up our whole back room, so it’s kind of nice to have it gone. Our back room was packed with so much junk you could barely move in there, much less play air hockey. Farewell, air hockey table.

V.18 No.53 | 12/31/2009

“The Real World 24” is Recruiting in Albuquerque

We’re one of many cities being scoured for characters. If you live in driving distance of any of these places, you’re allowed to send the MTV people a single e-mail including photos of yourself and a bio. Or you can send in a casting tape and become part of one of the worst, most drawn out, hideously brain-bleeding, demoralizing shows in the history of TV. It’s like Girls Gone Wild having a threesome with a soap opera and a cliché college movie cocooned in barbed-wire tattoo.

My only hope, fellow Burqueños, is that one of you can get on the show and completely blow its mind. I want to see antics so inhuman, so debasing, so completely deviant and beyond the realm of propriety that the Bugs Bunny Albuquerque reference fades from national consciousness to be replaced by you and a sense of revulsion.