Red Cross

red cross

V.19 No.2 |
The Daily Word


The Daily Word 1.19.10: Red Cross, Avatar, Tonight Show

The French accuse the U.S. of "occupying" Haiti.

Red Cross plans to bring nearly 45,000 Haitian evacuees to Florida.

Wyclef Jean defends his Yele Haiti organization, which has been suspected of using its contributed funds questionably.

Apparently the movie "Avatar" needs a list of disclaimers longer than a Viagra commercial; a Taiwanese man dies after watching it.

Italian border guards discover a 15-year-old Afghan boy in a suitcase.

Who will take the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat? The determining Massachusetts election is today.

NBC reportedly offering "The Tonight Show" host Conan O'Brien a $40 million buyout to just walk away.

Meanwhile, former Tonight Show host Jay Leno will probably get his old job back and return to the 11:30 p.m. slot.

Serial killing dogs are running wild in a Northeast Heights neighborhood.