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This Week In Games 7.17.10

Check out these great Club Nintendo giveaway shirts.

Valve's new game, Alien Swarm, is a free, four player coop bug hunt, and will be available through Steam on July 19.

Season 4 of The Guild has launched!

PEGI replaces BBFC as the legally binding video game ratings standard in the UK.

Blizzard gives a calm and reasonable explanation of Real ID. Extremely calm, in fact, considering their forum goers' behavior during the debacle. Democracy in action?

Many, many people voiced their privacy concerns to the ESRB during the Real ID mess, and, with almost hilarious irony, the ESRB CC'd about 1000 of them at once.

A Song of Ice and Fire video game announced: A Game of Thrones: Genesis.

Red Dead Redemption is an unqualified success, and has held the top sales slot for the second month in a row. So that must be why Rock Star San Diego laid off a bunch of Red Dead developers.

For all of you retail-box haters, StarCraft 2 will be available digitally on day one.

Double Fine is working on 4 small games, and there will be no Brutal Legend 2.

Sony announces a variety of Playstation Move bundles and pricing.

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Video Games

What Did You Play This Weekend?

This weekend was a bit of a bust. I had everything arranged to start digging into the post-apoc Eastern European mutant shooter, Metro 2033, when my swamp cooler started acting like a freak. First, it started smelling like a fish tank, yick. Second, it started periodically howling like a banshee.

Hours of home maintenance hijinks ensued, but the short version is that very few repairs were ultimately required, and my house is still cool and windy.

Oh, and I made the border crossing to Mexico in Red Dead Redemption. I haven't gotten that far in, but an early surprise is that bits and pieces of Sketches of Spain style ambiance occasionally drift into the soundtrack. There's plenty of Mariachi themed audio as well, but the jazz bits are a tasty addition.

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Sometimes a man's got to do what a man's got to do. In my case, that meant spending this weekend geeking the hell out on the Old West. To be specific, Red Dead Redemption ate up a several-hours-long chunk of my life, during which I hunted bounties, herded cattle, busted a bronco or two, and killed the occasional chicken stealing coyote. So far the game has hooked me deeper than Rock Star's previous 100 million dollar open-world epic, GTA IV. Visually, it's quite a lovely homage to the West, and with a full day/night cycle, the atmospheric perspective we're all so used to taking for granted is employed to great effect. As a result, simply drifting around the prairies and canyons on my horse (one of the broncs I personally busted) feels about as right as I could want. Also, the nature of the game world gives a far more intuitive justification for rambunctious behavior than GTA IV was ever able to. There are plenty of gunfights, sure, but they seem a lot more at home in the wild West than randomly running over pedestrians and shooting cops ever did in Liberty City. I haven't spent much time on the multiplayer side of things yet, mostly due to the freezing/hanging issues that have plagued the game here in the early days. I got in one brief session, though, and spent most of that time either riding the noob mount, a burro, or getting shot in the face. Woot.

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This Week In Games 5.14.10

I'm still hyperventilating a bit over Red Dead Redemption - May 18th can't get here soon enough.

Little Big Planet 2 got announced & the crowd sourcing looks nicer than ever.

Gamer pitches perfect game in MLB 2K10 and gets a 1 million dollar check.

The Medal of Honor reboot goes right for the "why we fight" duct.

Facebook is either getting right, or shitting where it eats, I can't tell.

The MMO that ate the world.

Graphic showing how game worlds are getting ever larger. And here I was thinking GTA San Andreas was huge. Small potatoes, guy.

StarCraft II Galaxy Editor is just wicked badass. It can even do a bullet hell shooter.