V.26 No.2 | 1/12/2017


Unbound from Borders

Global fashions premiere in Albuquerque

New Mexico Women’s Global Pathways, which supports refugee families from all over the world, holds a Cultural Fusion Fashion Celebration.
V.25 No.33 | 08/18/2016

The Daily Word in College, The Science of Expectations and Albuquerque Rapid Transit

The Daily Word

In the spirit of a new school year, let's all remember that despite our frantic pursuits, college won't prepare anyone for The Real World. (But in all honesty, nothing will.)

Hey web designers, I have a project for you.

Peer inside the life of two Syrian refugees striving to become part of German society. In the small town, they spend the majority of their days studying the German language in hopes of getting jobs and contributing to the community.

Scientists speculate timing in the big scheme of things and conclude that life seems to be “more likely” in the future than now. Apparently we overeager Earthlings arrived at the cosmic mashup a bit early.

I think we should all move to Cormorant, Minnesota. They just reelected a dog as their Mayor.

In more local news, commissioners in Albuquerque plan to discuss a resolution to put the ABQ Rapid Transit project on the November ballot. This will give voters the chance to state whether they support or oppose ART.

A new study surveying 111 women with breast cancer found that those who held negative expectations regarding their treatment experienced twice as many side effects.

V.24 No.50 | 12/10/2015

The Daily Word in the Golden Globes, Islamophobia, and Texas

The Daily Word

The Golden Globe nominations are IN.

Kendrick Lamar is perfect and I want him to win everything at the Grammys, and it looks like he very well could.

Okay, I actually believe that this is a missile.

Trying to understand millennials politically? This may help.

Ever since I realized people take Hitler—I mean Trump—seriously, I can’t stop worrying about it.

The Planned Parenthood shooter can’t shut the fuck up.

Is Islamophobia worse right now than after 9/11?

Take note, Susana: Syrians are definitely, legally allowed to go to Texas now.

V.24 No.48 | 11/26/2015


The Daily Word In JLaw, Latin Grammys and Black Friday

The Daily Word

Mali commandos rescue hostages from Radisson Blu Hotel attack.

Bill passed to slow refugees entering the US.

Israel spy gets released from U.S. prison.

Donald Trump gets dragged at the 2015 Latin Grammys.

Now I kind of want to be broken up with through text message on my wedding day because this looks pretty fun and I’m slightly jealous.

Let’s talk about how awkwardly cute JLaw is. I mean, who gets super drunk to get through filming a sex scene?

Retailers just really want you to remember what’s important on Thanksgiving -- Black Friday Sales.

V.19 No.15 | 4/15/2010


Hunger Strike: Day One

Refugees in New Mexico are starving for equal access to American opportunities, says Nkazi Sinandile. She started a hunger strike today to bring awareness to the problems refugees in Albuquerque. “Enough is enough. There are no jobs and no assistance. All these people want is to do something for themselves," she says.

Sinandile is a refugee and immigrant community support coordinator, a volunteer English as a Second Language instructor and the director of Women’s Global Pathways New Mexico. She will be at the Singing Arrow Park near Central and Tramway every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. until her requests are met.

She is seeking: A space where refugee women and children can gather and train in vocational skills like sewing, weaving, and beading; a 15-seat van to transport women and children; 30 working sewing machines and gas vouchers.

Sinandile and her husband emigrated from South Africa more than 30 years ago. She graduated with a degree in nursing from the University of New Mexico and worked at the UNM Hospital as a nurse until 2004. Shortly after she left the hospital, she began assisting refugees in Albuquerque. She found discouraging conditions in programs designed to help, including meager funds for The Women's Self Help Program, which will benefit directly if her hunger strike is successful. "People are not really helping women," she said. " I see them getting discouraged because they aren't getting progress financially. There are no jobs. No jobs."

Donations can be made at the La Mesa Presbyterian Church (7401 Copper Ave. NE) 255-8095