V.19 No.41 | 10/14/2010

Alibi Picks

Viva el Día del Río

Lend a hand to our mighty Rio Grande today during the City of Albuquerque's annual Día del Río. From 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., take part in conservation activities like trail maintenance, tree planting and trash pickup, all to assist the river and surrounding Bosque. Meet on the northwest side of the Central bridge at Sunset, and make sure to pack all the essentials (sunscreen, gloves and plenty of water). Be sure to stay for the prize drawing at the end. Register by calling REI at 247-1191 or by visiting The first 80 people to do so get a free T-shirt. Pretty nifty, eh?

V.19 No.19 | 5/13/2010

Alibi Picks

Spring Cleaning in the Rio

On top of merely dancing on the sand, she's also pretty famous around these here parts. There are a few roads, several songs and plenty of pronunciations for our fair river traversing three states and two countries. Treat her right today and team up with the the Albuquerque Open Space Division for National River Cleanup Day. Starting at 8 a.m. and running until 1 p.m., help remove trash, debris and any other unsightly offenders of our precious waters. To register, visit REI (1550 Mercantile NE) or call 247-1191. The crew will meet at the northwest side of the Central bridge, with limited parking at Central and Sunset. For more information, visit