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V.25 No.36 | 09/08/2016

The Daily Word in Renewable Energy, Sex For the Elderly and the End of Days

The Daily Word

A Michigan State University scholar has found that having sex when you're a senior is good for the ladies, but not so much for the men.

Archaeologists found some disturbing shit: Footless children buried at an ancient temple site in Peru.

Want to protect your brain from the effects of aging? Take some B12, dummy.

So, Costa Rica has gone over two months running completely on renewable energy. That's the sound of the game changing.

Rather than plead guilty to an assault charge (a move that would have let him walk away free with time served), a Texas man decided to fight his accusers (including a handful of police officers who were at the scene) and prove his innocence. He got a 40 year sentence.

A Russian river has turned blood red. It's the End of Days! The drooling idiot God, poised for all of history at the Gate of Time (where seven padlocks on seven chains have held him for a millennia) is loosed upon the earth. Goodbye, all my stuff.

V.20 No.16 | 4/21/2011
Senator Tom Udall


National: 25 by 25

Sen. Udall tells the country to get with the program—New Mexico’s program

Sen. Tom Udall has a nickname for his bill: 25 by 25. "We're talking about 25 percent renewable electricity by 2025." Along with his cousin and fellow senator, Mark Udall (D-Colorado), he introduced a measure in early April that aims to set a standard nationally. Utilities around the country would have to use sources such as wind, solar, biomass or geothermal for a quarter of their supply.

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V.18 No.31 |

Local Blogosphere Roundup: Mass transit, the internet, new mexican food chain, renewable energy

Could it be that El Paso's transit plans are superior to Albuquerque's?

The U.S. broadband infrastructure sucks, and, of course, of the states, New Mexico is doing more sucking than others.

Garduno's at risk of closure, one blogger encourages readers to support the local chain and their New Mexican fare.

Meanwhile, one person and their sweet tooth encourage a trip to Ecco Gelato.

Eye on Albuquerque turns it's eye to D.C., the Cash for Clunkers program and borrowing money to help people borrow money.

Those bastards at the utilities want to monopolize renewable energy too. They'd charge for sunshine and oxygen if they only could.