V.19 No.3 | 1/21/2010

Goth Karaoke at Retros

Yes, you heard me. Four of us went to Goth Karaoke Night at Retros on Tuesday.

I hadn’t been in Retros for a couple years (hey, I don’t go out much) and it seemed much bigger than I remembered. It’s definitely got a funky feel that I’m not altogether against. I don’t think my photo does the ambience justice; the camera’s flash somehow dispells, if only for a moment, the cloying closeness, the pervasive murk and musk of barland.

KIRK: Do you smell that? A sweet odour like honey. It was years ago, on another planet. A thing with a an odour like that.

Did I mention they have a picture of Spock on the stage? They do.

Two of us ordered a cocktail called “Sex with an Alligator” because it had what seemed like a zillion booze ingredients ending with Jagermeister, which made it naturally hilarious. It tasted like sno-cone syrup, but the waiter was nice.

And then the karaoke began. Fantastic. It wasn’t really singing, per se. It was more like a poetry reading from the Cookie Monster, and I mean that as a compliment. I wish we had stayed longer!

V.19 No.1 | 1/7/2010
Local color in the Heights

I’m Going to Live in the Heights

Well, the time has come. After living my adult life in Prague, Portland, Tucson, and the Downtown, UNM and Nob Hill areas of Albuquerque, it’s time to put away childish things. As of the end of this month, I will be living in the Northeast Heights near the strip mall bar Retro’s. So, that’s something.

Why are we moving out of our North UNM rental house, surrounded by liberals and xeriscaped yards? Because we wanted to buy and can’t afford the areas our ilk live in. How do they? I think drugs.

The Heights. What do people do there? There are three RVs on our new street. You know what that means: old people. And maybe guns.

What will we do there? Will our friends forget our faces? Will we care?