V.27 No.23 | 6/7/2018
Tanaya Winder
Courtesy of Tanaya Winder and REZARTX

Found Objects

Still Resonant

Go to REZARTX, a celebration of Indigenous arts and Red Planet's first anniversary; enjoy Shakespeare on the Rail during your commute.
V.25 No.8 | 02/25/2016



Festival hits ABQ in April

This April, the National Hispanic Cultural Center will host REZILIENCE, a festival celebrating Indigenous arts in their many forms. Thematic categories that will be showcased include “Movement,”“Design,”“Inspiration,”“Voice,” “Vision,” “Expression” and “Exchange,”with artists working in all manner of media exploring them. The Executive Director of the event elaborated on its mission, saying “This event is a movement based in creativity. It is our creative practices that have facilitated cultural longevity, community building, knowledge, growth and healing for generations. REZILIENCE will be the new model of unity for indigenous cultures, worldwide.”

But to meet their goals of creating a foundation to create new meaning and provide a venue to showcase the work of contemporary Native artists, the organizers have to secure the funds.

Check out their Kickstarter to donate and visit the REZILIENCE website to find out more about the confirmed performers (which include poets, musicians and painters. The organizers intend to create an inclusive, safe space for all to appreciate and celebrate cultural exchange and the work of Indigenous creators everywhere, throughout time.