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V.18 No.39 | 9/24/2009
(From left to right) Martin Chavez, Richard Romero and Richard (R.J.) Berry at the Wednesday, Sept. 16 debate sponsored by the   Alibi  ,   New Mexico Independent  , KNME and KUNM
Eric Williams



The Alibi endorses: Richard Romero

Mayor Martin Chavez is really good at a few things. And he’ll never let you forget it.

Chavez has been mayor of Albuquerque for 12 years, from 1993 to 1997, and later for two consecutive terms beginning in 2001. In the past, Albuquerque mayors were only allowed to serve two terms back to back. But Chavez sued the city early last year to have the term limit for the office removed—after he withdrew from the race for U.S. Senate—and he was successful.

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Did You Miss the Debate?

We’ve got you covered. See the stream and the live-blog here. Or, see it on “New Mexico In Focus” on KNME Channel 5 tomorrow at 7 p.m.

A rowdy crowd cheered and booed the candidates: R.J. Berry, Martin Chavez and Richard Romero.

Among the topics covered: Sprawl, violence against women, streetcar/light rail/trolley, homelessness, green jobs, teens, mayoral term-limits, gay marriage, pay-to-play, South Valley incorporation, government spending, arts, APS, red-light cameras ...

The election is Oct. 6, but you can vote early as of yesterday. Details on what you’ll need and where to vote can be found in this article by Steven Robert Allen, executive director of Common Cause New Mexico and former Alibi editor in chief.

V.18 No.37 | 9/10/2009
"It's amazing how much more we could do if we didn't care who got the credit."—Richard Romero

City Boss Fight 2009

A Challenge from the Left

An interview with mayoral contender Richard Romero

Like politicians everywhere, Richard Romero’s message is change.

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Gene Grant

Everyone Lives Under the Same Sky

The mayor's race

There’s a research info website called Smart QandA (; plug in a question and an answer comes back. How they hook you is by giving you a list of related local news stories, hoping you’ll want to expand your knowledge on the subject.

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I Got Your Debate, Right Here

See that box up there on our homepage about the mayoral debate? You can sign up for a reminder about the live blog action to be found here at on Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 7 p.m.

Four media outlets have joined forces to put on the debate, which is free and open to the public. Each news source should have a live stream of the event on its website and a portal to the live blog featuring the readers, viewers and listeners of KNME, the Alibi, KUNM and the New Mexico Independent.

If you want to experience democracy in person, head down to the National Hispanic Cultural Center around 6 p.m. The debate starts at 7 p.m. There are about 300 seats in the theater, and it’s first-come, first-served.

We’ll be collecting questions from the audience for the candidates. You can submit a filmed question via YouTube. Details here. We’ll also be pulling questions from the live blog.

You’ll be able to hear the debate live on KUNM FM 89.9, as well.

City elections have a greater impact on your life in some ways that a presidential election. The mayor, the City Council, these are the politicians who make decisions about your neighborhood, your roads, your police force, your bars, many of the laws you have to follow, your job opportunities, the air you breathe, the water you drink, your public transit, etc.

So get involved. We want to hear from you. We want your future mayor to hear from you.

V.18 No.36 | 9/3/2009


You, Too, Can be a Talking Head

Friends! Albuquerque’s indie media outlets—KNME, Alibi, New Mexico Independent, KUNM—are teaming up to bring you a mayoral smackdown on Wednesday, Sept. 16. Details ------------>

It’s free and open to the public, but if you can’t be there and want to query the candidates, film yourself asking a question, upload it to YouTube, and e-mail us a link. The best questions will be presented to Mayor Martin Chavez, R.J. Berry and Richard Romero at the event. Extra points if your backdrop relates to your question.

The debate will be aired live on KUNM, streamed to all partners’ sites, live-blogged and shown on KNME the following Friday. You could be so famous. Send your video links to

V.18 No.29 | 7/16/2009

City Boss Fight 2009

Mr./Ms. Future Mayor

What's your stance on sex, drugs and the music we call "rock"?

Mayor Martin Chavez is seeking his fourth (and third-consecutive) term, he announced Sunday, July 12.

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Mayor Martin Chavez announces his candidacy at the Taylor Ranch Community Center on Sunday, July 12.
Carolyn Carlson


Chavez vs. Romero (vs. Berry vs. Rowe). Fight!

To get a preview of the upcoming city races, this weekend I set out to visit former state Sen. Richard Romero’s campaign HQ and then headed over to the Westside for Mayor Martin Chavez’s “official” announcement. (R.J. Berry and Donna Rowe did not have any announced public appearances over the weekend.)

At Romero’s mid North Valley headquarters there were about 60 volunteers who were pairing up to hit the hot neighborhood streets and knock on doors. Romero said in a short interview that he was running because it was time for a change in the city’s leadership. He said he has four priorities: public safety, job creation, education and transparent government. We did not have time to get into the specifics of each priority, but we will. Working for the underdog made Romero’s volunteers a bit on the serious side as they hoofed it through neighborhoods to spread the word about his qualifications.

On the Westside at the Chavez gathering, there were at least a couple hundred people packed into a hot community center room to hear what they already knew. There were a number of city employees and mayor appointees present. Chavez said to the jovial crowd that he is an agent of positive vision and change for the city. Chavez has the advantage as an eight-year incumbent to point out his own mayoral successes. He cited programs like quick graffiti removal, the 311 city information line, Rapid Ride, putting more cops on the streets and, of course, dog parks and other perks for Fido and Kitty.


Mayor Chavez Finds Us Not Quivering with Anticipation

Most everyone knows Mayor Martin Chavez intends to be mayor again. He had the state Supreme Court rule that mayoral term limits are just suggestions. He gathered signatures for public financing. He waved and smiled from atop a float at this year’s Gay Pride Parade. But he managed to delay making it official until late in the game, prompting reporters to fake-wonder at whether he would step into the ring.

He’s expected to announce his candidacy on Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. in the Taylor Ranch Community Center. He’ll be running against Democrat Richard Romero and Republican RJ Berry.