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V.20 No.28 | 7/14/2011

Alibi Picks

Zoo Twilight Tour

Hot enough for you out there? The myriad animals at the Rio Grande Zoo (903 10th Street SW) agree, which makes going to the zoo this time of year something of a sun-scorched challenge with not much to see. Wait until the mercury drops and head to the zoo on today for a twilight tour. From 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., take in the sights and sounds of the zoo on a guided tour that is guaranteed to have more animal activity than a hellishly hot summer day. Tickets are $15, or $10 for children and seniors. Register in advance by calling 764-6214. For more information, you can visit

V.20 No.27 | 7/7/2011
Big Sandy pictured second from right


Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys

An interview with the big man himself

California-based Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys are rock and roll with elements of rockabilly, boogie woogie, Western swing, traditional country and fine vocal arrangements. The Rockabilly Hall of Fame members are touring in support of their latest release, Turntable Matinee. They’ll make a long-awaited stop in New Mexico on Friday. The Alibi was able to catch up with Big Sandy via email.
V.20 No.24 | 6/16/2011
Bobby Hendricks' Drifters

Music to Your Ears

Cheers to Dad

When I was little, my father made me memorize Wordsworth poems and frequently took me and my sister to Shakespeare plays. But he was also fond of propping us up on barstools in front of live bands, ordering us rounds of Shirley Temples. This is likely why, rather than being the affluent attorney my father wishes I was, I’m writing a music column and wondering how I’m going to pay all of my bills and afford to go record shopping this week. I’d rather be here than there, though, and I’m thankful to my dad for his part in creating my reality and, well, me.

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V.19 No.38 | 9/23/2010


The Daily Word 09.16.10: Baby flamingo, graverobbers, pope v. atheists

The Daily Word

This APS board member doesn’t believe condoms stop STDs. (This is about dispensing birth control on campuses.)

That dude who was shot Downtown by APD was armed with a butter knife.

Rio Rancho graverobbers steal bronze urns.

Baby flamingo at the zoo.

The expensive 2010 N.M. races.

Federal agency that gives money to religious groups has poor oversight.

The top 10 stories the media didn’t report.

Lobo robbed lobo, says UNMPD.

Criminals wear Yankees caps.

1 in 7 Americans lives in poverty.

Pope compares atheists to Nazis.

Tiny cow.

That band Hanson still exists. Now, it’s broody.

V.19 No.31 | 8/5/2010
There are baby snow leopards at the zoo. These are not them. But they are probably this cute. Some of you want to eat them to deomonstrate your might as ruler of the food chain.


Are you a friend to animals?

Now someone has to make a joke about their teeth being friendly to animals and then say “mmm, spotted owl.” I’ll wait ...


... but seriously folks, the BioPark is looking for adults to lead tours and talk about the creatures and greenery on exhibit. Volunteers can also travel to schools around the state. Everything you need to know will be discussed over 12 Saturdays, beginning on Saturday, Aug. 7, at 11 a.m.

If you do this, you could directly help save endangered species, says the news release. “Because people are more likely to help protect animals they understand and care about, volunteer teachers are vital to the protection of endangered species.” You would also get the inside info on the future Insectarium (words that end in “arium” are pleasant, no?) and free regular admission to the BioPark facilities. Lope over to or call (505) 764-6214.