robinson cano

V.21 No.28 | 7/12/2012


The Daily Word in popular zoos, record heat and internet madness

The Daily Word

It’s official; the last 12 months have been the hottest ever recorded in the United States.

Fans in Kansas City endlessly boo New York Yankee Robinson Cano during the Home Run Derby.

Spain’s banks are next in line for a bailout by the European Union.

Who is the mystery woman routinely appearing with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un?

The ABQ BioPark Zoo is New Mexico’s most visited attraction, beating out White Sands National Monument and Carlsbad Caverns.

A law in Indiana that could have prevented low-income women from using Medicaid for reproductive care is declared illegal.

Apple drops its “green” electronics certification from its products.

The internet could be creating forms of mental illness.

Some Muslim clerics are calling for the demolition of Egypt’s Great Pyramids.

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla!

V.20 No.28 | 7/14/2011


The Daily Word with Ahnold’s New Movie, Spain’s San Fermin Festival, Google+’s Revolution

The Daily Word

A 22-year-old man goes on a vandalism rampage and trashes the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Predictably, the IRS demands money and goes after the man who caught New York Yankee Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit.

Eight people are injured and only two people skewered by bulls in Pamplona’s San Fermin Festival. Way to go, Spain!

Man, I hate it when black bears make me late for work.

Russian divers discover a bunch of dead children in a sunken ship.

He’s back; Arnold Schwarzenegger signs on for the Kim-ji-Woon directed Western Last Stand.

A man attacks his girlfriend after she complains about not having a love song written about her.

You better pay for that gourmet sandwich or you could get hit with a felony.

Google+ is expected to surprass 10 million users today. Have you gotten your invite yet?

Robinson Cano defeats Adrian Gonzalez to win the Home Run Derby as part of the MLB All Star Game festivities.

A Texas mother gives birth to a whopping 16-pound baby.