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The Daily Word in traffic-stop mom details, bitcoins, Rob Ford's war and -no kidding- Walmart is asking for donations to help their impoverished employees

Today Albuquerque decides whether to ban late-term abortions

The Daily Word

It is election day in Albuquerque. Vote for or against an extremely controversial municipal late-term abortion ban at these polling places. Find a grain of salt and read the ballot first.

Dateable girls know how to shut-up.

Taos District Attorney says the New Mexico State Trooper who shot at the traffic-stop mom won't face criminal charges.

Local home movie footage of JFK's 1962 visit to Albuquerque.

UNM has doubled the cost of parking at Lobo games.

The DEA says a Pagosa Springs businessman with ties to Albuquerque is suspected (but not accused) of laundering significant amounts of drug money through his hot springs resort.

Thoreau yelling at Mao in a canoe.

More Mayor-of-Toronto ("the crack mayor") Rob Ford zaniness. Ford's theme.

Walmart has provided donation boxes in Walmart stores to raise money to help Walmart employees in need over the holidays.

The United States government is embracing bitcoin.

"Selfie" is the Oxford Dictionary word of the year.

Not all Swedes can piss in Jagger's mouth.

The best. James Brown. Interview. EVER.

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The Daily Word: 7.9.11: R.I.P. Betty Ford; News of the World kaput; federal marijuana prohibition renewed; bestiality

The Daily Word

Betty Ford died.

So did this woman (coroner report.)

President Obama has FAILED on his promise to end federal agencies fucking with the states' medical marijuana programs.

Satisfaction played on Peanut Butter Captain Crunch bass and other garbage made by the Garbage Kids.

Ready Steady Go! Cathy McGowan and the Rolling Stones lip-sync I Got you Babe.

News of the World, WTF. AND R.I.P. Murdoch empire?

Gay Marriage in New Mexico? Thanks to Steve Terrell.

Funereal strippers.

Sackville, New Brunswick is almost 250 years old.

Yes, Virginia, Al Capone had a hide-out in NM.

On this day in 1793, buying slaves was outlawed in Canada.

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The Daily Word 10.21.10: R.I.P. Penthouse founder, last guv debate, prop. 19

The Daily Word

The last gubernatorial debate is tonight at 7 p.m. on KOB channel 4.

LGBT college students at UNM talked bullying and wore purple yesterday.

ICE detainees treated like criminals, though immigration charges are civil.

Nurse impostor steals IDs, police say.

New Mexico's attorney general and state auditor: Locked in silent struggle.

Woman scammed buying a jeep on Craigslist.

Keith Richards says Mick Jagger is unbearable.

NPR fired analyst Juan Williams, who said on Fox News that he's afraid of being on planes with Muslims.

Taliban on the run.

Penthouse founder Bob Guccione died. R.I.P. scary little porn man.

What if you didn't owe anyone money?

Prop. 19, which would legalize marijuana in California, is slipping in the polls.

Alec Baldwin's LOL ad in favor of gay NY marriage.

Sexy "Glee" photos make parents mad.

On behalf of Comic Sans.

This guy turned his shed into a recording studio and made the news in the U.K.

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The Daily Word 12.03.09: Sex, Books, Pot

The Daily Word

ABQ father who shot infant in head gets attacked in court.

Comcast to buy controlling share in NBC from GE. My first thought? How will this shake out in a "30 Rock" plot?

Road rage toward cyclists escalates; man convicted of using his car as weapon against two on bikes.

New York Times releases its Best Books of 2009. Of which I've read a half. As in, half of one of these books: Jonathan Lethem's Chronic City. Honestly, I think it's so-so. But it takes place in New York, so there ya go.

Here's their 100 Notable Books of 2009. A Village Life is good. Don't read Lark and Termite. It was terrible. You can read NYT's Michiko Kakutani's review here. She loved it. She should change her name to Michiko Crack-utani.

New York lawmakers vote down gay marriage. I'm starting to lose faith in all things New York.

Update: Male athletes like to have sex with a bunch of ladies.

Clean energy in New Mexico? We don't have the technology!

Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood arrested for domestic assault. The 62-year-old had been cheating on his wife of 24 years with a 20-year-old. This report says that the young one was the victim. Also, Ronnie Wood looks like my meemaw.

Some stoner do-gooder donated a jug containing $1500 worth of pot to Goodwill.

It's Julianne Moore's birthday.