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V.24 No.12 | 3/19/2015


The Daily Word in narcolepsy, nausea, isolation and hallucinations

The Daily Word

A man was rolling a joint on the NYC Subway when he fell asleep.

A barfing bride strives to overcome her vomiting phobia before the day of her nauseating nuptials.

The average American wedding now costs $31,000.

Edward Snowden held a secret virtual meeting at SXSW.

In local news, a man shot his ex-girlfriend because the neighbor’s dog told him to do it.

Eccentric millionaire Robert Durst accidentally confessed to three murders.

Isolation and loneliness can have serious effects on your noodle.

Ron Jeremy turns 62 today! Here he is paying homage to Miley Cyrus.

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The Daily Word in animal-killing contests, Leetso and Ron Jeremy

The Daily Word

Rep. Nate Cote, D-Organ proposes outlawing animal-killing contests. "They’re nothing but live target shooting," says Cote.

Film tax break study falls prey to the land of mañana mentality.

Leetso lives.

Study underscores New Mexico's regressive tax structure.

Read a feel-good article about a travel blog.

Prosecuting pot smokers is a waste of time and money. Legalizing marijuana and its use could be a significant source of revenue for New Mexico. Jerry Ortiz Y Pino gets that.

Porn icon Ron Jeremy, aka The Hedgehog, is resting, having survived two emergency surgeries to address an aneurysm.