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The Daily Word in Steve Jobs, Occupy Adbusters and a quadruple rainbow

The Daily Word

Apple's Steve Jobs dies at age 56.

A commencement speech Jobs gave.

The good folks at Westboro plan to protest his funeral.

Occupy Albuquerque protesters still at UNM.

Man says he tried to withdraw his money from Bank of America in St. Louis and was prevented by police.

Snarky writer charges that Occupy Wall Street was started by Adbusters (which, he says, owns the URL).

Guy charged in Sunflower Market's yogurtgate is going to court.

Dr. Barry Ramo on foods that make your skin healthy.

Men as pinups.

Why do we love stories about people with too many cats?

Santa Fe orders cleanup of "Hobo Hill."

This Swede won the Nobel Prize for literature.

Quadruple rainbow all the way.

Palin says she's not running for president.

Judy Jetson is boy crazy.

Speech pathologist eats school lunches for a year.

Cafeterias in France ban ketchup.

Hear all of Björk's new album Biophilia.

V.19 No.12 | 3/25/2010


Pizza Squares Again?

Remember school lunches? Yeah, the thought still curdles my stomach. But surely, in these food-enlightened times, they’ve gotten a lot better. ... Apparently not. Check out Fed Up With School Lunch. It’s a daily blog set up by an anonymous elementary school teacher. She’s made a pledge to eat lunch every weekday for an entire year in her school’s cafeteria. So far, the data she’s collected is not encouraging. She’s no nutritionist or anything, but it doesn’t take much training to evaluate the lame lunches to which she’s subjected herself. To help break up the monotony, guest columnists occasionally contribute school food info from around the world. (Check out the awesome lunches kids in Japan get!) Definitely food for thought.