scooby doo

V.25 No.11 | 03/17/2016

The Daily Word in Eyeballs, Warm Guns and Day-Glo Divination

The Daily Word

Losing your Tarot cards is a thing of the past thanks to the steaming hot, neon wonder that is the Lisa Frank Tarot deck.

Just when you thought the night-vision-ghost-hunting-show genre had hit a wall, here comes Ghost Brothers: the first all-black ghost show. "Did you hear that?"

APD busts a guy hiding a stolen gun in his oven. "Oh shit. Where did I put that pie, then?"

Some freaks invented a large floating eyeball drone that can safely fly around and interact with people. I am officially creeped out.

Light flashes have been observed in the Large Hadron Collider. They might just be blips of information, or they could be the heralds to a new age in physics!

Auto-focus contacts are on their way. Someone needs to develop a mute button for my ears.

Car crime in ABQ has gone up a ridiculous amount. Too bad the thieves don't know how to use their blinkers, either.

California police were involved in the high-speed chase of a woman driving a replica of the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine... And she got away.

V.19 No.23 | 6/10/2010


The Daily Word 6.14.10: Killer UFOs, Jimmy Dean’s Demise and the Skipper’s Full Name Revealed.

The Daily Word

Explore the philosophical landscape that lies between yes and no.

Transcripts of the van der Sloot murder confession are available.

Could oil-eating microbes save the gulf without killing all the grasses on earth?

The discovery of vast mining resources in Afghanistan makes the US care about it more. See, little men? You don’t have to grow opium.

Reporters and beer commercial people were abducted by Nahua Indians with machetes.

Testing will begin on a new cancer drug.

Jimmy Dean died at 81.

Gay marriage is legal in Iceland now.

The KKK threatened to kill Ted Kennedy.

A billionaire expert speaks out on killer UFOs.

What was Shaggy’s real name on “Scooby Doo?”

Fires and more fires continue to burn in New Mexico.

NHCC is showing a “New Mexico Furniture Art” exhibit that doesn’t inclue my couch, thankfully.

Metro Detention employee Vincente Peele is in trouble for taking bribes. Allegedly.

The Isleta Hard Rock is officially open.

The Bataan Death March brotherhood has disbanded. My old English teacher Mr. Luster was one.

Happy birthday to Pere Ubu singer David Thomas. Here’s “Modern Dance.”