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V.21 No.25 | 6/21/2012
Julia Minamata

News Feature

Granted in Vain

State turns down cash for the elderly and disabled

Nursing homes can mean the loss of familiar comforts, routines, social connections and independence. So why was a plan to help increase the number of people moving into independent living situations axed by the state without warning?
V.20 No.11 | 3/17/2011
Rita Maldonado
Eric Williams


Granny Get Your Gun

The South Valley’s Rita Maldonado is still bagging elk at age 85

If you lived in Albuquerque’s Atrisco neighborhood a half-century ago, you didn’t want to mess with any of the six Sanchez children. The mother of those kids could drop a deer at 50 yards. She could gut and field-dress an elk. She knew her way around shotguns. She drove a bus for a living.

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V.19 No.13 | 4/1/2010


On Assignment In Peru

The Alibi’s Ilene Style reports from her volunteer mission in South America

I have been assigned my new job in the Villa El Salvador shantytown in Lima. I will be working with the senior citizens, who are referred to as "abuelos," in the church-sponsored Los Martincitos program. Unlike other volunteer assignments in Villa El Salvador, in this program you actually go to recipients’ houses in addition to working at the senior center. I was told not to wear sandals as many have dirt floors. I am looking forward to the opportunity to see people’s homes.

Volunteer Work Placement

Programa Especial de la Tercera Edad "Los Martincitos," Villa El Salvador

Los Martincitos is a community-based initiative sponsored by the Catholic Church in Villa El Salvador. Three times a week, about 130 senior citizens receive basic services (two hot meals a day, recreational activities, a literacy program, arts and crafts classes, basic health care and counseling).

Participants face different challenges: neglect by their families; physical abuse; poor health and nutrition levels; inability to adapt to a new urban environment; and social rejection for racial and age reasons. They wait for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to come together and share their meals, sing and pray, play games and have fun. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the staff members pay followup visits to their homes.

V.18 No.36 | 9/3/2009

Thin Line

Silver Backlash

Jami Hotsinpiller rang up the Alibi on a Friday afternoon. She nervously asked if I had a minute. She hates having her picture taken or her words printed for the world to see, and she describes herself as "really shy." She assured me she doesn't belong to any political organizations. But Hotsinpiller's got a media beef and is willing to go on the record about it.

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