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Imminent Parting: Together Forever closing reception

Cars just don’t break down like they used to, but we humans still get stuck in the muck from time to time. Lay back, relax and dangle your bait for a passing opportunity—it still might bite, and thus, hope amidst this mayhem be recovered. The Together Forever exhibition at Small Engine Gallery in Barelas (1413 Fourth Street SW) is a “meditation on the modern world,” says co-founder Scott Williams, who opened the gallery with Luke Hussack in November 2010. Abstract paintings depict an era of corporate ubiquity, and sculptures built up from an old rowboat speak of personal advance despite it all. The gallery is open to the public by appointment and usually on Friday evenings. Drop an email to or call 908-5526. The tide's almost gone out on this exhibit, but come see the work and meet artists Hussack and Williams at the closing reception tomorrow from 6 to 10 p.m. Small Engine • Fri May 31 • 6-10 pm • free • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar

V.20 No.6 | 2/10/2011
Sabertooth Cavity unleashes its psychedelic sounds on Saturday night.


Sabertooth Cavity

New Mexico band releases noise freak-out En Lak Ech

Don’t limit it by calling it music, man. Jazz derangements, electronic debris and heaving melts of guitar are just part of it. What Sabertooth Cavity offers up with its first album, En Lak Ech, is a little more meta. Or a little more Dada. However you want to take it.

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