V.25 No.49 | 12/8/2016
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Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em

Cannabis and your lungs

Light to moderate cannabis smoking has not been shown to have any lasting negative effects on the lungs.
V.25 No.37 | 09/15/2016

The Daily Word in Shrinking Ice Caps, Jim Carrey and Eating Off The Floor

The Daily Word

Arctic sea ice is melting, and is currently at the second-lowest on record.

The number of smokers in England is at a record low, with just around 17% of adults lighting up.

Obama gives his very last address to the United Nations.

Hate to break it to you, but the 5-second-rule is a myth.

Mark Burton wrongfully files lawsuit against Jim Carrey claiming the actor supplied his girlfriend with prescription drugs that she used to commit suicide.

Gas prices spike as a result of a 330,000-gallon pipeline spill in Alabama.

Professors at New Mexico Tech are working to recreate the explosion that injured dozens in New York's Chelsea neighborhood.

Since trending news is generally depressing and the Internet probably won't put a halt to the constant headlines any time soon, here is a virtual bioluminescent forest for at least some temporary relaxation.

V.24 No.22 | 05/28/2015


The Daily Word in East Mountains Google drones, a big loss for Big Tobacco and commercials on Netflix

The Daily Word

Super creepy APD action results in yet another payout by the city over excessive force.

Despite a crash involving one of it's large drones, Google continues research and development in the East Mountains area.

APD's SWAT team responded to a domestic violence situation that seems less than SWAT-worthy.

Think the NSA is scary? Meet the NSAC.

Nearly half of Americans can't handle an unexpected expense of 400.00 or more.

Say it ain't so, Netflix!

Learn what is going to (temporarily) change about the Patriot Act.

Confirmation that the TSA exists solely to make air travel a pain in the ass and does not make things safer.

Big Tobacco lost big in Canada today.

V.22 No.38 |


The Daily Word in the murderous mall, micro-hut housing, a Blackberry bailout and the great maple syrup mystery

The Daily Word

New Mexico Supreme Court to hear same sex marriage arguments.

Pillow Case Bandit arrested at Sunport.

Heavy rains are affecting New Mexico's chile crop.

Do we really want the roads into Chaco Canyon paved?

Update and speculation on the hostage and murder situation in Kenya shopping center.

Plan B in Native American communities.

Some things aren't supposed to be put in the toilet.

Micro-housing for Swedish university students.

A Canadian billionaire is offering to buy the troubled Blackberry company.

Steve Jobs buried a time capsule thirty years ago.

Names have been named in the great Canadian maple syrup conspiracy.

POTUS' #1 reason not to smoke.

V.21 No.47 |


The Daily Word in APD probe, Miley's pig and milk for inmates

The Daily Word

U.S. Justice Department announces it will investigate APD.

APD officer accused of encouraging neighbors to brawl to settle a dispute.

Smoking is dumb for you.

Best prank ever. By which we mean freaking scariest.

Napping baby art.

San Juan County inmates nearly riot over lack of milk at breakfast.

That Facebook privacy notice everyone's posting won't help you at all.

Bigfoot DNA results. Finally.

Albuquerque Authorities name their baby rhino Chopper rather than Bonbornio.

Scared red panda.

PETA gave Miley Cyrus a pig for her birthday. She didn't get it.

Fiona Apple cancels a tour to spend time with her dying pit bull, Janet.

L.A. might ban circuses from having pachyderms. (Also, best Primus song.)

Worst logos ever.

Happy birthday, Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix.

V.20 No.23 | 6/9/2011
Partners Rebecca Rosales and DeAnna Armijo with their two daughters
Eric Williams


Family Pride

Making a place for LGBT parents—and their kids—is a priority for nonprofits

Adrien Lawyer and Elena Letourneau are what they refer to as “invisible”—a white, seemingly straight couple with a 6-year-old son.

Lawyer had his breasts removed in 2004. A year later, he began hormone replacement therapy, which deepened his voice and sprouted hair on his face. Lawyer is now legally a man. Once recognized as a lesbian couple, he and his partner have undergone not only a physical but a cultural transformation. They appear to be the all-American family. And that’s exactly what they are.

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V.20 No.18 | 5/5/2011


“A smoke after dinner is better than life after death.”

China, whose citizens account for one-third of smokers in the world, banned smoking in most public places. The law took effect yesterday, but most citizens and shopkeepers had not heard of it until then.

One problem with enforcing the new ban is smoking is an integral part of Chinese culture. Most business transactions finish with the exchange of expensive tobacco, many sunny afternoons are spent smoking on café patios, and giving someone a cigarette is viewed as a great way to break the ice.

Smoking is a characteristic of the famous and powerful. Chairman Mao, for example, was a heavy smoker, and Chinese celebrities and athletes are commonly seen smoking.

China is the world's largest producer of tobacco. Cigarette sales and production taxes totaled $75 billion in 2009. Some regions, like the Yunnan Province depend on the industry, with 45 percent of its revenue coming from tobacco.

There are 300 million people who smoke in China, and the habit causes about 1.2 million deaths each year. Studies show the Chinese have a low awareness of the health risks of smoking and secondhand smoke. About half of health care workers smoke.

V.20 No.17 |


The Daily Word 5.1.11: Bin Laden is dead, again!; Dust Bowl; Facebook censorship; Chinese try to ban smoking, again

The Daily Word

Osama bin Laden: He couldn't be killed by bunker busters(warning: propoganda footage,) he survived dialysis, but the West's boogeyman appears to have been killed outside his mansion near Islamabad? Watch President Obama's statement anywhere.

Royal Wedding-related Facebook censorship?

Documentary about the Screen Gems Logo, The S From Hell.

Vin Diesel instructional break dancing video.

Great old documentary about the Dust Bowl with oral histories recorded in 1960.

Hey John Bear, Oklahoma is now drier than it was during the Dust Bowl.

Scroll down after clicking this link to read about the other controversial shit the Superman character has pulled in his comic books.

"Someone will be crowned the Milwaukee Air-Sex Champion."

Obama actually displayed a sense of humor at the White House Correspondents Dinner. 'Course he has the best writers....

"Mr. Universe" incident.

There is NO WAY Chinese are going to stop smoking like diesels in public or anywhere else.

It was Willie Nelson's 78th Birthday yesterday. Ain't it Funny How Time Slips Away (who's the guy in the Nudie suit?)

V.19 No.35 |


One of the many reasons why I hate myself

A hack's guide to smoking cessation

I quit smoking three years ago. It was necessary. I smoked two packs a day and a leathery, precancerous lesion was beginning to form in the back of my throat. It was also taking over my life. I had to schedule everything around smoking.

It was slavery.

Now that I no longer smoke, smokers often ask me how I quit (They don't actually. I just tell them.)

You can use the patch, but it's like quitting three times.
Each time you switch to the smaller patch, you shake sweat and pray for death. It confuses the body. The cigarettes are gone, but the nicotine remains. The patch provides a steady stream of the drug, not the spike and dip of a cigarette.

Forget the patch.

There are nicotine lozenges but they deliver 4 milligrams of nicotine. You will literally vomit nicotine out of your eye sockets.

Cold turkey is the only way to go. Some people say cut down then quit. Forget about it. This is the patented John Bear quit smoking method.

Wake up the day before you quit and smoke a pack of Marlboro Reds. Then smoke another pack of Marlboro Reds. Then smoke a pack of Newports. (And gobble serotonin reuptake inhibitors like candy.)

You will never smoke again.

V.19 No.12 | 3/25/2010


Smokes Go Up; Food Tax Vetoed

Gov. Bill Richardson signed a bill today that will raise the price of cigarettes 75 cents. And if you’re thinking about driving to the res to the avoid the tax, the proverbial man is one step ahead of you. The Legislature made some agreements with the state’s tribal leaders, who will also hike prices 75 cents.

With this increase, New Mexico’s tax on smokes comes to $1.66 per pack, the 18th highest in the United States. The national average is $1.34 per pack.

The measure was sponsored by Reps. Gail Chasey and Danice Picraux and Sens. Dede Feldman and Mary Jane Garcia.

The governor also vetoed the food tax, which would have brought in about $68 million. He’s going to make it up with stimulus money and by dipping into the reserves, among other things, according to this New Mexico Independent article.

The state was facing a $650 million budget shortfall.