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The Daily Word in Alamogordo's Africanized bees, rat-sized snails, a cow infestation and boobs

Remembering the Dingo Bar

The Daily Word

The Department of Corrections wants to move their Albuquerque-area parole office from Nob Hill to the Plaza Maya building downtown.

Alamogordo is a haven for Africanized, "killer" bees.

There's a cow problem in Rio Rancho.

There are rat-sized, tire-eating, meningitis-spreading SNAILS in Miami-Dade county.

Here's a link to the Boston Herald coverage of the marathon bombs. Here is a summary of what we actually know at this time.

A Marine helicopter crashed near the border of North Korea.

A large earthquake occurred in the border region of Pakistan and Iran.

One of the founders of Pirate Bay has been charged with hacking into a bank.

Important revelations from a French scientist on the necessity of bras and their relation to boob firmness.

It's "Michele Bachmann is a kook" time again.

Calling this a "phone" doesn't seem right.

Tycho Brahe's nose. And his moose.

Remembering Albuquerque's Dingo Bar.

20 years ago this month the demolition of Kowloon Walled City began.

V.20 No.32 | 8/11/2011

video games

Webgame Wednesday: The Snailiad

The Iliad. With snails? Yup, that's more or less the premise behind The Snailiad. You are the epic hero Snaily Snail (OK, so it's not the most intellectual of setups), and it's your job to find the missing snails of Snail Town. Don't let the simple graphics fool you. There's quite a bit of depth to this adventure game, what with its weapons, large-scale maps, secret passages and such. Plus, you can climb up walls. Bonus!