Snow Storm

snow storm

V.24 No.7 | 2/12/2015


The Daily Word in Beck, brains, vaginas and soy sauce

The Daily Word

Exculpating evidence suggests no criminal charges will be filed in the Bruce Jenner traffic fatality.

Kanye tried to interrupt Beck’s Grammy Award accpetance speech.

I am so tired of all the complaining.

Go, Riverdale.

What would you pay for Abe Lincolns hair?

Learn how to escape from a moving car.

When you microwave humans the brains are always cold in the middle.

Goodbye, Tent City.

A shoplifter was shot on Menaul.

Happy birthday, Brian Donlevy.

You're probably cleaning your vagina all wrong.

Your Samsung TV might be spying on you. No, seriously. It's listening.

It's a sad day for Chinese food and fast locomotives.

New England has run out of places to put snow.

Blood type and brain function: something else to worry about.

Ozzy Osbourne's bat karma has caught up to him.

Darth Vader's toilet is free on Craigslist in Albuquerque.

V.20 No.5 | 2/3/2011


The Daily Word 2.1.11: epic snow storm, Egypt going wild, car repo game show

The Daily Word

The massive 2,100 mile winter storm makes its way across the country.

However, I don’t think we’ll get enough snow to make this sweet 35-foot snowman.

More than 5 million Egyptians (and counting) have taken to the streets to pressure President Hosni Mubarak to step down.

Charlotte, North Carolina has been selected as the host city for the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Get ready for a car repo game show on Spike TV, brought to you by the “Jersey Shore” producers.

If you were unemployed in Orlando, you’d be getting free pizza today.

The world’s oldest woman dies at age 115 in Texas.

A man killed 100 sled dogs execution-style due to a drop in tourism.

Governor Susana Martinez issues an executive order for police to question the immigration status of people arrested for crimes.

The Super Bowl is responsible for a spike in heart attacks every year. Watch that fast food, Steelers fans.

... And another thing, stop wrapping your newborn babies in those ridiculous Terrible Towels.

These lead-contaminated “Toxic Waste” candy bars are found to be unsafe. A different name might have sufficed.