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V.20 No.42 | 10/20/2011
Julia Minimata

Aural Fixation


SXSW will not fix your life and give you a music career. But it's really fun.

SXSW will not make you rich and famous, but it’s really fun. Or, how to market yourself and make better art.
V.19 No.27 | 7/8/2010
Vertigo Venus’ solids and stripes
Val Hollingsworth

CD Release

Vertigo Venus’ Success or Suicide

Vertigo Venus is an unapologetic promo machine. Overkill Internet campaigns swathe social networking sites until you feel you’ve been waterboarded into submission. Excessive, yes, but the outcome is massive support from a rabid fan base that loves the band’s punky synthpop goodness.

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V.19 No.25 | 6/24/2010


Pidgin: An Instant Messaging Aggregate You’ll Like and Use

Every major Internet-based company seems to be trying to the same thing. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL—everybody is in a race to be your online content hub. Each company has their own mail service, their own news center, their own shopping portal ... and the result is that internet users accumulate accounts, signing up for the latest and greatest service only to move on once another company releases something better. I talk to friends and acquaintances online, but managing three different online communication accounts just wasn't fun. You can imagine the traditional comically inept infomercial actor, exasperatedly searching for Facebook on my row of browser tabs to use their chat service and accidentally closing other important ones, hunting for the Google Talk icon in my quick launch bar and accidentally deleting the contents of my hard drive ...

“If only there was a better way!”

Guess what, readers—for about seven months, I've been using a desktop-based instant messaging client called Pidgin, which has support for every popular chat program, and some you probably haven't even heard of. Desktop instant messaging clients are a good way to consolidate unwieldy lists of accounts across major service providers into a single location. What finally drove me to house all my accounts using Pidgin was its native support for Facebook chat—instructions are available directly from Facebook, not only for Pidgin but for a host of other chat programs. While this allows you to always be available to converse with friends, it does have a drawback— a friend messaged me once to ask why I was always using Facebook, because always being logged into Facebook Chat through Pidgin makes me appear to always be online.

Pidgin is also customizable through extensions, much like popular web browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, allowing users to extend the software's functionality. Pidgin is free and open source, and makes the wild world of online communication a lot simpler.

V.19 No.21 |


The Daily Word 05.28.10: Guns, war and the Valles Caldera

The Daily Word

Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall introduced a bill that would give management of the Valles Caldera National Preserve to the U.S. Park Service.

Facebook is hard to break up with.

Like to shoot, but need friends? There's a social networking site to set your sights on. (Be careful, it just might be harder to leave this one.)

The unemployed may have a hard time paying June rent as Congress is set to take a Memorial Day break without passing an unemployment extension.

The New York subway system map gets a redesign.

North Korea continues to love the bomb.

$60 billion more has been allocated for the war.

Tyra Banks, still crazy.

Turns out the barber shop isn't the best place to hide out. Nice find Albuquerque.

No tornado in outer space? Boring. There is all this cool stuff though.