Solar System

solar system

V.21 No.37 | 9/13/2012


The Daily Word in Bill Clinton, Genesis and Zozobra

The Daily Word

I-25 / Paseo overhaul will be on the ballot in November.

Are you going to Zozobra tonight?

Doug Vaughan sentenced to 12 years for Ponzi scheme.

UNM considers making Lobo Village booze-free.

Ex-President Clinton at the DNC, a recap.

Wheelchair rugby players are rock stars.

Does email cause stress?

Freddie Mercury’s private cultural identity.

Prog awards honor Genesis.

Hungarian artist makes a subway stop magical.

Voyager’s getting close to the edge of the solar system.

Sun burp.

NASA’s Sunita Williams fixes the International Space Station with a toothbrush.

Jennifer Aniston’s going to be in a movie shooting in New Mexico soon.

V.20 No.7 | 2/17/2011


The Daily Word 2.14.11: train wreck, giant object in space

The Daily Word

Train hits car in Los Lunas.

Some say firefighter helmet stickers diss Mayor Berry.

Bad music parties on the rise. Oh, I’m sorry, I meant raves.

Super computer plays “Jeopardy” but then shuts down life support systems, wiping out entire crew.

Grandma serves as surrogate for her own grandson.

Iranian lawmakers call for execution of protestors. No fun.

Woman remains dead in cubicle for over a day without anyone noticing.

Evidence mounts that there is a giant object at the end of the solar system.

Happy birthday, Galileo.

Eat more fiber, die less.