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This Week In Games 6.11.10

In honor of Gay Pride Week,

Red Faction: Armageddon announced.

XCOM, the upcoming (2011) 3D remake of X-COM looks unbelievably cool.

Super Mario, as animated with post-it notes.

Portal 2 has been delayed until 2011, ugh.

A full sized (and free) Left 4 Dead fan-made level, I Hate Mountains, is out now.

Dear God, can this be the future of gaming? Ok, get Felicia Day in there & I'm a little more sold.

The iPhone awesomeness of Space Invaders: Infinity Gene coming to Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Oops! Sold your soul buying a stupid video game.

Hey Baby, I wanna lick you all over. Also, a great piece by Kieron Gillen on why, for all the fellas who just don't get it.

Less than 10% of gamers want Playstation Move or Natal. We'll see how E3 changes that.

Red Dead Redemption reaches 5 million units shipped.

The most pirated DS games - holy crap, that's a lot of pirating.