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V.24 No.43 | 10/22/2015


The Daily Word in Bearded Villains, SNL spoofs the Democratic debate and Eddie Murphy’s Bill Cosby impression

The Daily Word

UNM has stopped dicking around and is now actually trying to help its students.

What to do when your groom splits before the wedding? Host the reception for area homeless people, of course.

Larry David as Bernie Sanders on SNL is everything this country needs.

Eddie Murphy was presented a Mark Twain Prize for American Humor and surprises the audience with a mini stand-up set.

APD gets facial recognition technology to identify crooks.

A group of bearded men were mistaken for ISIS members, but to be fair, their group name is Bearded Villains.

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a (dog) match.

Homeland hired graffiti artists to decorate the set, and didn't bother checking the final product.

Here is your Monday morning jam, “Sing” by Pentatonix.

V.24 No.39 | 9/24/2015


The Daily Word in bae of pigs, Sumo wrestlers, a family road trip and the Emmys

The Daily Word

Prime Minister David Cameron allegedly porked a dead pig.

Craigslist ad leads to theft and crashing into a house.

Are we there yet? Family takes six-month road trip to see Pope Francis in Philadelphia.

Elvis has left the building with $400 in cash.

Missed the Emmys last night? We've got you covered with the 15 best moments of the 2015 Emmys.

100 years ago, Stonehenge was bought at an auction for a really good price.

This ten-year-old stand-up comedian is funnier than you'll ever be.

Senior year: 86-year-old woman has been going to college for 36 years.

Sumo wrestlers involved in crying baby contest. It's as weird as you think.

V.22 No.37 | 9/12/2013

Film Interview

Terrible Is the New Awesome

Mad media archaeologists Everything Is Terrible! come to town

Since their inception, the VHS-obsessed amateur sociologists behind Everything Is Terrible! have spent thousands of hours digging up the weirdest, most mind-boggling films, TV commercials, music videos, exercise tapes and motivational speeches for the edification and bafflement of future generations.
V.22 No.33 | 8/15/2013
Jack Handey
Brad Wilson

Arts Feature

Jack Handey is Real

And he is funnier than you

The Stench of Honolulu: A Tropical Adventure

To all would-be comedians: Jack Handey of “Deep Thoughts” fame did it 30 years ago, he did it smarter than you, and he continues to be funnier than you.


Keeping ABQ Weird

Stand-up comedy at the Guild Cinema

“This is a weird little place to have a comedy show,” said Denver comic Sam Tallent when he headlined a show at the Guild back in April. A movie theater may be a weird stand-up venue, but for a few years now, local comedian Matt Peterson and Guild Cinema owner Keif Henley have been producing comedy shows there bimonthly. Though at first they could only fill the plush theater seats with other comics, friends of comics or people expecting a movie, Henley and Peterson have built an audience by putting on some of the funniest shows in town. Even wayward moviegoers stay and enjoy a laugh.

When performing at the Guild, I can tell you from personal experience, you feel like a vaudevillian luring your audience in with old-timey promises of entertainment. Something about the curves of the velvety curtains on the walls and the rickety wooden stage floor make you want to channel Mae West or W.C. Fields. Audiences enjoy that nostalgic energy from the comedians because it’s a rarity in this modern world. “People come to see stand-up only, which is great for the comedians as well as the audience,” Peterson reflects.

Keif Henley and Matt Peterson have built an audience by putting on some of the funniest shows in town. Even wayward moviegoers stay and enjoy a laugh.

On Friday, Aug. 16, Scotty Goff, originally from El Paso but currently residing in Albuquerque, headlines at the Guild. Goff is one of the sharpest, most quick-witted comics I’ve seen live. A crowd-work master, he can craft a joke out of anything thrown at him. Opening for Goff is Anthony Almanzar, a South Valley native, who recently won a competition to be the next MTV Voices correspondent. Relatively new to the Albuquerque stand-up scene, Almanzar has a slick, energetic stage presence and has quickly become one of the best young comedians in town. Just back from a gig in Texas, Sarah Kennedy and Matt Peterson are also performing. Kennedy has won best local comic from the Alibi and Albuquerque the Magazine. Her style ranges from pop culture references to political and social commentary. Peterson, who also runs a weekly showcase at The Damn Bar, recently had a lead role in the film The Bigfoot Election and is gearing up to star in Abe Makes a Movie. Peterson draws his comedy from raw personal experiences that resonate easily with the audience.