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V.24 No.24 | 06/11/2015


The Daily Word in a Bernalillo County Commission meeting today about Santolina and some crayon talk

RIP Blaze Starr

The Daily Word

Cloudcroft destroyed a 16 foot piñata last weekend.

The Bernalillo County Commission is meeting to discuss the Santolina development today at 1pm.

The Colorado Supreme Court says yes, you can be fired for being a pothead. Or a medical marijuana user.

Donald Trump is running for president. Also, "Jeb!"

Never mind the bollocks, here's your high-APR Sex Pistols-themed Virgin credit card.

White black woman Rachel Dolezal debate moves into the peach and brown crayons arena.

American men and women are fatter than they were in the 60's.

Burlesque dancer Blaze Starr died.

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. Here are some weird Stanley Cup stories.

V.22 No.26 | 6/27/2013


Chicago Blackhawks Even Out Stanley Cup Finals

Series tied 2-2 heading back to Chicago

On Wednesday night, the Stanley Cup Finals went to overtime for the third time in five games—tying a record for second place in OT games in Stanley Cup Finals histor—when the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Boston Bruins in game four of what's already been a compelling series.

The instant classic game one was incredible and set the tone for two teams that have both shown a willingness to fight for every scrap. Chicago needed three extra periods to get it done, but winning at home was expected. Chicago did, after all, finish the regular season with the best record, thus earning home ice advantage in the Finals. But game 2 went to overtime as well and, despite the home ice, Boston stole the game, negating Chicago's raucous crowd.

Boston pressed their momentum by capturing game 3 in what was a disappointing letdown compared to the thrills of games one and two. With a two-nil victory, it seemed as though Boston had solved the problem of Chicago's defense, while cementing Tuukka Rask's reputation as a goalie destined for greatness.

The claim almost immediately became moot, as Rask allowed five goals in the three regulation periods and the Blackhawks crashed into their latest victory with a goal by Brent Seabrook just under 10 minutes into the extra time. Rask will remain one of the top names in the game and one loss won't tarnish his record too much, but his teammate Jarmoir Jagr will surely attest to the need for not only winning but continued winning.

The series now heads back to Chicago for game 5 on Saturday night, which can be seen on NBC at 6 p.m. MST.

V.22 No.24 | 6/13/2013


Stanley Cup Begins Tonight

Blackhawks and Bruins Meet in Original Six Final

The National Hockey League's battle for Lord Stanley's Cup is about to begin.

The Chicago Blackhawks will represent the Western Conference after defeating the reigning champion LA Kings in five games. The clincher was a thrilling double overtime victory, but the entire series really showed why and how the Blackhawks managed the best regular season record in the entire NHL. They appear to be primed for their run to the top.

In the Eastern Conference, the Boston Bruins swept the Pittsburgh Penguins, destroying the chances of the up-and-down all-season Pens in thorough fashion. Sidney Crosby, of the Penguins, might still be the best player in the NHL world, but the real story here was the defense of the B's, which was particularly strong in this series, but has stood out for the entirety of the playoffs. After their back and forth series with the Toronto Maple Leafs and a remarkable Game 7 comeback, the Bruins have set themselves apart from their opponents with stifling defense and a stingy goalkeeper in the form of Tuukka Rask.

The finals, set to begin tonight on NBC at 6 MST, represent the first meeting between two of the Original Six NHL teams since 1979. While both clubs, then, obviously have long histories, Boston's is a bit more decorated, with 6 championships, stretching back to 1929. Chicago has a mere 4, with its first coming in 1934. However, both teams have had recent success with the Blackhawks winning in 2010 and the Bruins following them up in 2011. With the defending champs out the way, a new king will be crowned and either way they'll have a familiar taste.

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The Daily Word in Thalidomide, Instagram, and Joe Arpaio gets sued

Happy birthday, Salma Hayek!

The Daily Word

"Walk On By" lyricist and Burt Bacharach cohort Hal David died.

The company that manufactured and sold Thalidomide issued a formal apology (50 years later) that victims say misses the mark.

Instagram is suffering the same fate as Chat Roulette.

Santa Feans peeved over pile of a "quarter million" tires.

Interesting story about undercover cops who infiltrated occupy Austin.

Cosmopolitan magazine style tips for the 19th century woman.

Vancouver police are still rounding up suspects from the 2011 Stanley Cup riot.

The Kirtland Air Force Base trestle.

Film director James Toback is still a creep.

Texting driver who killed a man faces only a twenty dollar fine in Virginia.

Photo gallery of 1930's British police criminal identification pictures.

What's wrong at Circle K?

"The high-flying, mansion-building, Ferrari-driving, Vegas-gambling life...."

Joe Arpaio does not have immunity against a lawsuit from The Phoenix New Times.

Obama accuses GOP of wanting to bring back "trickle-down economics."

On this day in 1966, Salma Hayek was born.

V.19 No.22 | 6/3/2010


American vs. American in the Stanley Cup Finals

Hockey's journey for Lord Stanley's Cup is near its end for the 2010 season. The final matchup pits the Chicago Blackhawks against the Philadelphia Flyers. As someone who knows nothing about hockey, this is disappointing for a couple reasons:

First of all, the top-seeded Washington Capitals were taken out in the first round. From what I understand, this is not an uncommon occurrence, this choking by D.C.’s hockey squad. I guess that makes the Caps the Tony Romo of the NHL?

Second, the team that took out those top-seeded Caps—the Montreal Canadiens—then took out the defending champs the Pittsburgh Penguins in an epic series that saw alternating teams take turns winning, until the last game. After building all this goodwill as the obvious choice for the People's Champ, the Montreal Canadiens promptly got punked out of the playoffs, avoiding a sweep by a mere one game. The Flyers smashed the Habs, with the lone exception of Game 3.

On the other side of the bracket, San Jose started off by taking out the only team that I know enough to root for by virtue of physical proximity, the Colorado Avalanche. This, then, shifted my alliances to those same Sharks, seeing as they represented the Left Coast—and were a lot closer than the remaining teams. When San Jose took out the Detroit Red Wings (can it really be considered Hockey City, still?), I thought I'd found a hot team to ride. Chicago put a quick stop to those thoughts, though, as they swept the Sharks. Though the games were closer than the 4-0 mark reveals.

So, what now for a hockey neophyte? Moving past the disappointment, it appears as though the City of Brotherly Love will be the underdog against the Blackhawks. The games start tomorrow, so that gives us all a little time to do a little research if we don't just want to go for the team with the longer odds. The first two games will be on NBC (apparently Philly's home venue only ranks Versus?) and hockey looks great in HD. Plus, two American teams vying for a traditionally Canadian sport's trophy? We can't go wrong.