V.23 No.27 | 7/3/2014


The Daily Word in name tags, necrophilia and North Korea.

The Daily Word

North Korea fired two missiles at Seth Rogan and James Franco.

Rest in peace, Bobby Womack.

They got Tyler’s name tag wrong at Taco John’s.

Fire kills spiders.

Was Jimmy Savile a necrophiliac?

The Nanny from Hell is packing her bags.

Will you see a UFO tonight?

Congratulations on your latest statistical victory, New Mexico.

There’s a fire in the Jemez.

A woman claims she was blackmailed by an APD officer.

An Albuquerque woman called her boyfriend 77,000 times in one week?

Happy birthday, Terry Funk.

Susan Petersen, thank you for the links!

V.19 No.31 |

Time Waster

Does Your iPhone Get You Laid?

According to this new set of stats at OkCupid's blog, iPhone owners are a bit more likely to have sex than folks with Blackberries, and get nearly twice as lucky as those poor suckers with Androids. I guess fiddling around with that sweet interface cuts down on the ol' eye contact.

But it's definitely not the camera on the iPhone that makes people think you're hot. The post also reports on which cameras make people look the most attractive, and the iPhone rates as barely passable. The Android is considerably worse at bringing out your good side, but at least it's not as bad as the Blackberry, which I can testify to having a truly miserable camera. So, how can you look your absolute best? The highest rated pics in the survey all came from the Panasonic Lumix GF1C-K dSLR - it'll only set you back about $800. But hey, who can put a price on beauty?

V.19 No.28 |

Time Waster

Can't Get A Date Online? Try Lying.

You're filling out the form at your favorite online dating site, and you get to the bits where, well, you feel like you fall a little short. Do you a) just say "what the hell" and go 100% honest, or b) give your vitals a wee bump? Online dating site OkCupid has compared the user data it gets to demographic data and finds that you (and most others) go for the bump. And why not? According to the stats, the difference between $40k and $60k a year, or 5' 6" and 5' 8" can be measured in a greater frequency of messages, better chances to meet people, and, one would hope, more sex. Check out the full post for juicy tidbits on the other sweet little lies we tell (at least the ones that can be summoned from piles of metadata and statistics).

V.19 No.27 | 7/8/2010

News Feature

Recession and Race

Economist says job losses have been hard on the state’s Hispanics

In the summer of 2006, New Mexico economist Gerry Bradley and his colleagues were baffled by housing construction data. “Too many houses were being built. We’d never seen anything like it," he says. “It looked like something that wasn’t going to continue.”

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V.19 No.26 |

Time Waster

News Flash: Porn More Popular Than Ever

If you've ever wondered just how much pornography is consumed in the world every day, check out this interesting new set of statistics from TopTenREVIEWS. There are some pretty detailed demographic breakdowns, as well as general revenue data on the industry itself. One of the big standouts is that the US lags behind China, South Korea, and Japan in porn revenue. I have to say, I think I may actually be a little disappointed in our Homeland's prurientologists. I can understand losing to China through sheer numbers (or Japan through sheer perversion), but South Korea? South Korea's per capita expenditure on pornography outstrips America's by a factor of 10! Shameful. You can do better, America!

V.19 No.18 | 5/6/2010

Number Crunching

2010 Census: New Mexico Among the Worst States for Returning Forms

In biblical times, if the king told you to drop everything ride a donkey back to your hometown to be counted, you did it. But this year's 10-question survey received a more lukewarm response from New Mexican citizens. The Associated Press reports that New Mexico had the second lowest return rate for this year's census forms. Only 63 percent of New Mexicans mailed back their forms, narrowly beating out Alaska's 62 percent return rate to avoid worst-in-show honors.

New Mexico was one of 11 states that failed to at least come within one percentage point of meeting the return rate for the 2000 Census, and overall the return rate for this year's mail-in Census forms was 72 percent—the same as the response rate 10 years ago. This marks an apparent failure for the Census Bureau's advertising blitz leading up to the arrival of Census forms in mailboxes across America—or not, as the Census Bureau stated that it actually reversed a trend of declining survey participation among American citizens.

All this means that Census Bureau employees are gearing up to travel the nation for door-to-door visits with households that failed to return their Census Forms. According to the Associated Press, 4,200 people have been hired to traverse New Mexico from now until July 10, and in all, the Census Bureau will deploy 635,000 people across the nation to round up some accurate data—each paid between $10 and $25 an hour.