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Hangover Sports Roundup

Lobos rolling into conference play, Giants bury Falcons, Tebow pulls off another miracle

Lobo Basketball

Before the season started, fans and critics questioned the potential of this year's Lobos. Head coach Steve Alford imposed multiple non-conference tournaments into the schedule to test his team’s mental toughness. Based on its 14-2 record, it seems this team has answered the challenge. The Lobos concluded non-conference play last Saturday at home against North Dakota. Despite having starting freshman point guard Hugh Greenwood recovering from an ankle sprain, the team didn't miss a beat, with six Lobos scoring in double figures. UNM only had a 10-point lead at half time, but turned up the pressure and blew out North Dakota 85-57. Now riding a 12-game winning streak, the Lobos have an extended break before facing the Wyoming Cowboys, Jan. 14 at Laramie. Alford has his team performing extremely well, but there's no denying some of its opponents have been subpar. Only time will tell if this could come back and haunt New Mexico when facing the top Mountain West Conference teams.

NFL Playoffs

The New York Giants may be experiencing deja vu during their attempt at another Super Bowl run. An underrated Eli Manning, an average regular season, great unknown wide receivers and a furious pass rush are creating a lethal combination that could lead the Giants to the promised land. But first they had to take care of the Atlanta Falcons. The Giants defense tormented Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, enabling Giants QB Eli Manning to have good field position and throw for 277 yards and 3 touchdowns. New York only allowed a safety and dominated the Falcons, 24-2. Now the Giants must face the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers for a spot in the NFC Championship. The Packers will be the favorite, but to count out Manning and the Giants would be a mistake.

For those hoping the hype surrounding Tim Tebow would eventually disappear, they’ll have to wait at least another week. Besides Denver Broncos fans, anyone who says they picked the Donkeys to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers is probably lying. The Steelers were fighting injuries to key defensive stars and Ben Roethlisberger was hampered by a leg injury. But going into the game Denver was given little chance to pull the upset, considering they lost three in a row prior to Sunday. The unsung Broncos defense stopped the Steelers in the fourth quarter to force the first new playoff overtime. That set the stage for another Tebow miracle. It only took a coin flip and one play and Tebow delivered another miraculous victory. His 80-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas not only gave the Broncos the 29-23 win but also should guaranteed Tebow's job for next season. His stats aren’t always impressive, but there's no doubt when it's crunchtime, he delivers. Tebow has to prove he can put a full game together before he can be worthy of all the media attention. Keep in mind this is Tebow’s first season as a starter. If he can improve, it wouldn't be surprising if he rises to be an elite quarterback in the NFL.

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The Daily Word in Tebow and his Broncos, flea market busts, faulty bungee cords.

The Daily Word

Tebow leads Broncos to a 29-23 win over the Steelers in the shortest OT in NFL history.

UK Netflix launch may trigger TV bidding war.

More snow.

Texas drought may wipe out the world's last remaining whooping crane population.

2012's Republican humor.

The United States of Scary Things.

Albuquerque police and federal agents bust vendors at weekend flea market.

UK police identify remains found in Queen Elizabeth II's front yard.

Painful truths about your iPhone.

Man found dead outside of Graham Central Station.

Bungee cord snaps and sends girl plummeting into crocodile-infested waters.

Denis Hoth Hof is opening up a sci-fi themed whorehouse north of Las Vegas to be called Alien Cathouse.

Horse abandoned at Amish-area Walmart up for adoption.

One reason not to lose weight in 2012.


New study suggests that dogs can read our facial expressions.

Tourists in Pisa, Italy think they're super original.

Thanks to Uncles Carl and Tom for sending me amusing content!

V.20 No.44 | 11/3/2011
Diaz was too much for BJ Penn.


Hangover Sports Roundup

Diaz retires Penn, Ravens escape Cardinals, Steelers hold off Patriots

UFC 137

Despite the UFC 137 main event changes, BJ Penn and Nick Diaz delivered an exciting bout featuring a back and forth, crowd-pleasing battle. In the first round, Penn was very aggressive by getting the better of the striking and momentarily taking Diaz' back. But in the second and third rounds Diaz' conditioning enabled him to give Penn the worst beating of his career. Diaz demonstrated pinpoint accuracy by nailing Penn with lethal combinations to the head and body. Despite Penn bleeding for the first time in his career, he still showed fighting spirit by not allowing the former Strikeforce champion to finish him. But getting beat up by Diaz forced BJ Penn to unexpectedly retire from the sport. No one knows for certain if Penn has truly retired, but if he has, Penn doesn't have anything to be ashamed about. Meanwhile Diaz’ performance was enough to convince UFC President Dana White to grant him a title shot against George St. Pierre. While GSP vs. Diaz will be a money maker for the UFC, Albuquerque fighter Carlos Condit lost his title shot and will be forced to climb the ladder again to regain his spot.

It wasn't all bad news for Albuquerque fighters as Lightweight contender Donald Cerrone destroyed Dennis Siver on the Spike TV prelims. Cerrone has gone 4-0 this year and can make a case to fight for the title. But his main goal is to stay active and now is rumored to face Nate Diaz at UFC 141.


Last Monday night, the Baltimore Ravens went through a nightmare when they got embarrassed by the Jacksonville Jaguars. So when the Ravens welcomed the Arizona Cardinals, many thought Joe Flacco and Ray Lewis would take out their anger on one of the worst teams in the league. Instead, the Cardinals humbled the Ravens defense by taking a 24-6 lead into halftime. But Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin’s seven receptions for 145 yards and running back Ray Rice’s three touchdowns helped fuel a 21-point comeback. The Cardinals tied up the game in the fourth quarter but Flacco’s pass to rookie Torrey Smith set up a Ravens game winning field goal.

Steelers vs. Pats

It's rare to see the New England Patriots get bullied by any team in the NFL. Often Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick push around and frustrate their rivals. But when New England traveled to Pittsburgh, the Steelers turned the tables and dominated the Patriots defense. Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger made Belichick’s defense look amateur by going 36-50 in the air with two touchdowns. Despite having long offensive drives, New England was unable to finish off their longtime AFC foe. Brady threw a red zone touchdown late in the fourth quarter to cut the lad to six. But a botched onside kick and a safety sealed Pittsburgh's 25-17 victory. With Roethlisberger finally finding his rhythm, the Steelers have recovered from their opening day disaster against the Ravens and look primed for a deep playoff run.

V.20 No.6 | 2/10/2011


Packers Win the Big One

On Sunday, the happiest moment of the American sporting year occurred: the Super Bowl. Although the two teams were among the top three defenses in the National Football League, the game still turned out to be relatively exciting.

Aaron Rodgers completed the transformation of the Green Bay Packers into his team. The days of Brett Favre are completely over with this victory, and it probably couldn't have come at a better time for the Packers. As Favre played out his (hopefully last) season in Minnesota, there were practically daily signs of Farve burning out as opposed to fading away. Forget the off-field drama, just look at the production of Favre versus the young gun who used to back him up.

The Packers piled on the Steelers in the first half, capitalizing on every opportunity they could. They went up 14-0 in the first quarter alone. At that point, it looked like it would be another boring Super Bowl. The second quarter didn't bode well either when the Steelers were stymied in their drive for a touchdown and had to settle for a field goal.

But the Pittsburgh Steelers haven't gone to three Super Bowls in six years for no reason. After the third quarter ended, the Packers were up only 21-17 and the tide seemed to be turning. Mike Tomlin had done his job by firing up his troops and Ben Roethlisberger was poised to seal his legacy at the young age of 28.

The Cheeseheads grabbed up the momentum with an eight-play, 55-yard drive that resulted in a touchdown. Rodgers was in full command of the game with a 111.5 passer rating, compared to Roethlisberger's 77.4. Roethlisberger has been in (and won) two Super Bowls already. He was supposed to bring the savvy and the all-important Super Bowl experience. Instead, he was eclipsed by Rodgers who's ready to shine his championship acumen for a few more years.

When the Steelers scored with 7:34 minutes left in the fourth and commanded their defensive unit on the field to make a stand, things seemed headed for a Hollywood-comeback-ending. But the first word in the game is defense, and the Packers dug in. With 2:07 minutes left in the game and only one timeout, Roethlisberger completed two passes and then threw three incompletes in a row. The Steelers turned over the ball, Rodgers knelt on it and the transformation of backup quarterback to new big man in Green Bay was complete.

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Packers v. Steelers

Super Bowl XLV is on the way

The field in the National Football League has been officially narrowed to two teams: the Green Bay Packers will play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, Feb. 6 in Arlington in the new Cowboys Stadium.

In the first face-off yesterday, the Green Bay Packers crushed the Chicago Bears in what ended as a closer game than it really should have. Despite the low score, Chicago never seriously threatened Green Bay. When Jay Cutler went down in the first half—not to return for the rest of the game—the Bears seemed lost. However, third-string quarterback Caleb Hanie stepped up to his role in a big way and made something of a game of the second half. In fact, Chicago didn't even manage to put up any score until the fourth quarter. By that point, it seemed certain that the game was over, but Hanie refused to let things end without the Bears on the board.

The Packers have done a great job of stepping up their game as the season has creeped closer to the big game. Aaron Rodgers—more than proving his place as the post-Brett Favre quarterback for Green Bay—ended the night with a somewhat ugly line, but did everything that was asked of him. Most importantly winning. Along the way, he threw for 288 yards with two interceptions, ran in a touchdown and had a passer rating of 55.4—by far the lowest of his post-season. Despite all this, Rodgers and the Packers came out triumphant, defeating their long-time rivals in Chicago and setting up a meeting in Super Bowl XLV with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The New York Jets played in the same style of the Bears, refusing to put up points in the first half. It could have been considered a charitable gesture if it had been done on purpose—but no one believes that—and the Jets dug themselves too big a hole to get out of. The Pittsburgh Steelers, with their championship pedigree, proved to be too much to overcome.

While New York's Mark Sanchez has been impressive since being drafted last year, he was no match for Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger. The Jets and their vaunted defense allowed 24 points in the first half, while only scoring three of their own. The good news: the defense woke up in the second half and held the Steelers scoreless. After the Jets managed a safety and a touchdown in the short span of four minutes, it seemed like hope was alive.

But Pittsburgh's defense isn't nicknamed the Steel Curtain for nothing and they held up their end of the defensive bargain.

Super Bowl 2011 will feature two young quarterbacks who are at different stages in their careers. Roethlisberger has been to the Super Bowl twice already and is accepted fully by his team and his city. Aaron Rodgers is still tending to that second bit. If there were any people in Green Bay who hadn't bought fully into Rodgers, surely this Super Bowl trip will convince them. Win or lose, Rodgers is now firmly in command of the Packers and the Cheesehead Nation. Combined with Roethlisberger's previous wins, this will make for an entertaining bowl game between two quarterbacks in total control with nothing really to lose and everything to gain.

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Hangover Sports Roundup: Boise State falls, Bears rise

College Football

Thanksgiving weekend provided a major shakeup in the BCS standings. Fans hoping for Auburn and Oregon to fall instead saw mid-major Boise State lose a heart breaker to Nevada. Despite Nevada being nationally ranked, Boise State can kiss their national title dreams goodbye. Now TCU remains the only non-BCS school contending for the national title and will have to hope Auburn and Oregon slip up. TCU will most likely get robbed, but at least this will be the last time they'll have to play politics with the BCS. Starting with the 2012 season, the Horned Frogs take their talents to the Big East Conference. While TCU gets to sit at the 'big kids table' the Mountain West Conference takes another blow towards national respect.


The Chicago Bears haven't been taken too seriously this season. After all, their schedule is pretty mediocre and quarterback Jay Cutler isn't exactly a fan favorite. But after the Bears stopped Michael Vick and the Eagles 31-26, maybe it's time to call the Bears an NFC contender. Vick had a good performance with 333 yards and two touchdowns, and the Bears were still able to get the victory. Chicago finally has a high-power offense to go along with their tough defense.

Normally the Buffalo Bills have nothing to play for in the months of November and December. Nevertheless, the Bills took the fight to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It ended with an overtime thriller which saw the Bills' victory slip away. Bills receiver Steve Johnson dropped the the game-winning pass in the endzone, eventually leading to the Steelers hitting the game-winning 41-yard field goal. After the game Johnson appeared dejected and stated he'll never get over his massive mistake.

V.19 No.10 | 3/11/2010
The Daily Word


The Daily Word 3.9.2010: Runaway Prius, Facebook Murder, Racial Barbies

A chef serves cheese made from his wife’s breast milk.

A black barbie was sold for less than half the price of a comparable white barbie; dolls everywhere are outraged.

Man who used Facebook to murder a teenage girl sentenced to life in prison.

Britain sends South Africa 42 million condoms before the World Cup.

A lesbian couple is the first to wed in the District of Columbia.

Out-of-control Toyota Prius accelerator sticks at 90 mph on the freeway, requiring the California Highway Patrol to stop it. I didn’t even know they could go that fast to begin with.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger denies a second sexual assault accusation, this time in Georgia.

APS proposes later start times for local middle and high schools.

A mother calls 911 to report herself driving drunk.

A man confesses to a horrific double muder in southeast Albuquerque.