V.25 No.31 | 08/04/2016

In Another World

I was folding my dirty laundry when it happened—the beginning of the end. I had just heard thunder overhead. The lights flickered then went out. I went to the front door to see if my neighbor was home. I saw him walk around his house out of sight. I turned off the music on my phone, who could guess how long the power would be out?

The house I lived in was dark, there weren't many large windows to let light in. As I walked around and lit some candles I texted my boyfriend. Power's out.

Hours passed and no response. I knew he was working but I read on Facebook that power was out everywhere, so I knew he would be able to respond. Unless his phone died. Unless he died. I had been listening to the sirens of emergency vehicles and wondered if there were normally this many sirens or if the noise I distracted myself with had always blocked it out. Who could say?

Once the darkness of night set in I knew I had to take action. When the power's off in the whole city, you can bet your ass there would be looters. I blocked the doorway and nailed boards over the windows. I'm not going to take any chances in this situation. If my parents taught me anything, it was to protect myself, always.

I fell asleep.

A pounding on the front door woke me up. I couldn't hear what exactly they were yelling through the furniture, but they sounded serious. I grabbed my guns and keys, busted out the back window and made a run for my car. It was the middle of the night but with all the adrenaline I felt, everything seemed so clear. Almost like it was morning.

I got in my car and drove. As I was leaving the city, I saw other people driving to their day jobs, presumably. Fools. Only a matter of time till all these dummies realize they need to get out to protect themselves and their God-fearing families. Trying to get out and there's no gas or oil left in this place. Trying to get out only to find the government put a disaster-proof bubble over the city.

I can't say I didn't see it coming. With all these handouts, it was only a matter of time before the government handed the keys to the US to the North Koreans or Europeans. I refuse to live in any commy society where we have to ration out food or get a certain haircut or I have to give away my paycheck to pay for other peoples medical needs. Not in my America.

I can only hope that the world is going to be right again one day. Even though we live in this new post-apocalyptic world, sometimes I want to go back to the way things were so badly I can almost see the city's shimmering lights.

Now I live in the wilderness southeast of the city. I can't tell you where exactly but if you need to find me light a fire exactly three hours after the sun sets at 34°36'37.0"N 106°39'26.7"W and I will find you if I see fit.