V.26 No.6 | 02/09/2017

Event Horizon

The Tarot Lady Teacheth

Saturday, Feb 18: The Tarot Coloring Book

Tarot enthusiasts learn about tarot through the experiential process of coloring their own cards with The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed. Bring a tarot deck, note taking materials and art supplies.
V.26 No.1 | 1/5/2017


2017 Tarot Predictions for Albuquerque

A glimpse through the mists of time

Weekly Alibi predicts the future in this week’s feature.
V.25 No.37 | 09/15/2016

Event Horizon

Support your Local Non-prophet

Sunday, Sep 25: Albuquerque Pagan Pride Day

Over 30 exotic merchants, workshops, ritualistic plays, belly dancing, artisan displays and games and activities for the whole family.
V.25 No.34 | 08/25/2016

The Daily Word in Squishy Robots, Dark Galaxies and Neon Tarot

The Daily Word

Artist Oliver Hibert has given the people what they want: A psychedelic, neon tarot deck.

Forget Uber. Singapore has just introduced self-driving cabs.

A galaxy that's almost 99.99% made up of dark matter has been discovered known as Dragonfly 44.

Siberian archeologists found the world's oldest sewing needle in a cave, implying that the people who lived there were more advanced than previously believed.

An Austrian town is being terrorized by a catnapper. 52 cats have gone missing, and some of them have come back with hard to explain injuries.

A guy in Norway lowered himself into a portable toilet to retrieve his friend's lost phone. Guess what? He got stuck, and rescue workers had to free him. That's what friends are for.

Octobot is a squishy, eight-armed, octopus shaped robot made with 3D printing and silicone gel. The kicker: Instead of a battery, Octobot runs on chemical reactions inside its completely flexible body.

V.25 No.11 | 03/17/2016

The Daily Word in Eyeballs, Warm Guns and Day-Glo Divination

The Daily Word

Losing your Tarot cards is a thing of the past thanks to the steaming hot, neon wonder that is the Lisa Frank Tarot deck.

Just when you thought the night-vision-ghost-hunting-show genre had hit a wall, here comes Ghost Brothers: the first all-black ghost show. "Did you hear that?"

APD busts a guy hiding a stolen gun in his oven. "Oh shit. Where did I put that pie, then?"

Some freaks invented a large floating eyeball drone that can safely fly around and interact with people. I am officially creeped out.

Light flashes have been observed in the Large Hadron Collider. They might just be blips of information, or they could be the heralds to a new age in physics!

Auto-focus contacts are on their way. Someone needs to develop a mute button for my ears.

Car crime in ABQ has gone up a ridiculous amount. Too bad the thieves don't know how to use their blinkers, either.

California police were involved in the high-speed chase of a woman driving a replica of the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine... And she got away.