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V.22 No.16 | 4/18/2013


The Daily Word in Tax Day, La Santa Muerte and Disneyland Tokyo’s birthday

The Daily Word

Abortion Doctor’s murder trial becomes a political firestorm.

Happy Tax Day! Here are some tips to help you meet the midnight deadline.

A Missouri school gets parent approval as teachers receive training to carry concealed firearms.

La Santa Muerte becomes the new face of drug dens throughout New Mexico.

Congrats Adam Scott! You won The Masters!

Justin Bieber hopes that Anne Frank would have been a belieber.

6-year-old killed in car accident on I-40.

Happy 30th Birthday Disneyland Tokyo!

V.21 No.16 | 4/19/2012


The Daily Word in taxpayers paying Uncle Sam, the Secret Service paying for sex and NFL fans paying for psychiatric tests

The Daily Word

Happy Tax Day! You have until midnight to get your taxes filed, or else.

Up to 20 Secret Service agents may be punished after reports say they were soliciting prostitutes on a trip to Colombia with President Obama.

Mitt Romney says his dog Seamus loves riding on the roofs of cars!

Not all animals love the GOP, even those with amphibious names; Newt Gingrich was bitten by a penguin.

Old timey people in old timey photographs with cell phones.

Can you solve the myriad of mysteries in Mulholland Drive with these ten David Lynch-approved clues?

A pilot scatters passengers across the cabin after confusing the planet Venus for an oncoming plane.

Albuquerque police arrested 28 (!) people during a citywide DWI sting on Friday night.

George Zimmerman’s lawyer tries to get Florida Judge Jessica Recksiedler removed after she reveals her husband works with a CNN legal analyst.

Rest in peace Michael “Flathead” Blanchard, whose obituary reads that his childhood friends were “criminals, prostitutes and/or Democrats.”

This energy-efficient, 20-year-lasting LED light bulbcan be yours for only $60.

An epic solar eruption image taken by a NASA satellite.

Ejected fans at NFL games will now have to pass an online test to be allowed back in. Oh yeah, and it costs $75.

Fast food sold in the U.S. is found to be the saltiest in the world.

V.20 No.16 | 4/21/2011
Chris Evans as Captain America


Hey, it’s Tax Day! Is that Captain America?

On Election Day, its common to see those who participated in the democratic process sporting an oval-shapped sticker with an American flag declaring “I Voted” Where’s the one for “I Filed My Tax Return”? I suppose it is one of the most hated aspects of being a citizen of the union. Like voting, not all Americans participate. But unlike voting, the feds really (really) want you to. Nay, require you.

Along with the filming of The Avengers in Downtown Albuquerque this morning, protesters turned out to participate in the organized gathering to draw attention to corporate tax shenanigans. With all the film equipment, lighting vans, kraft service carts and security guards, I (for one) mistook the protesters as part of the movie’s background. In reality, I was too busy gawking towards the director chair trying to catch a glimpse of the ultimate patriot. I bet Captain America filed his tax return.

V.20 No.15 | 4/14/2011


The Daily Word on Nicolas Cage, Javier Bardem and man throw rock bus.

The Daily Word

Palin speaks.

Deadly tornadoes hit the South.

Celebrate Tax Day by mocking unfunny tax cartoons.

Here's a recipe for spicy sardine gravy.

Here are some recipes with weed.

The 10 most badass dinosaurs in comics? I beg to differ.

Some people have evil thoughts.

The Dog got Nicolas Cage out of jail.

Nicolas Cage: funny face.

Notes from Chris.

Though our language is dying I shall not speak to you.

Wake up, sleepy kitty!

Earthquakes and catfish!

It looks like Javier Bardem will play the Gunslinger.

Watch some ABQ MTV.

Listen to these groovy playlists.

Fear the Wisconsin Man-Bat.

Funny Borders' employees comment on their impending demise.

Ha ha. Man throw rock bus.

Let's look at the new KOAT mugshots.

Albuquerque bumperstickers are listed on DCF.

Happy birthday, Hayley Mills. Laura Marrich was just singing this in editorial meeting last week.

Special thanks to Tom Nayder, Geoffrey Anjou, Robert Masterson, Stewart Mason and a host of others for the funny and/or cool links.

V.19 No.16 | 4/22/2010
Maren Tarro


Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Liberal

Politics aside, I am my father's daughter—and proud of it

The last time my father and I attended a tea party, my stuffed cat Aida was the guest of honor and the tea was served in Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit teacups. Politics certainly wasn’t a conversation topic. Twenty-something years later, I’ve become a Liberal while my father is a Libertarian. And instead of doilies and cucumber sandwiches, the tea parties of 2010 are serving discord and controversy. One lump or two?

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Free Stuff

Have you filed your taxes yet? Time’s up, yo. A number of companies around the country are giving away free stuff to ease the pain of having to pay your taxes. (Although my taxes actually went down this year—despite what those troublemaking teabaggers said.)

Turns out there are plenty of merchants here in Albuquerque taking part in Tax Day giveaways. P.F. Chang’s China Bistro is giving 15 percent off dine-in or carry-out. Boston Market is offering buy one dinner get a second one free with a coupon off the restaurant’s Web site. Cinnabon is adding cupcakes to its menu, and you’re invited to pick up bite-sized samples at mall locations between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. today. Starbucks will fill up your cup for free if you bring in a travel mug today. (The chain is encouraging customers to go green and dump the paper cups.) Subway has a buy one sub, get one free offer. McDonald’s has free iced coffee with any purchase. Staples will make free copies (up to 20 pages) of your tax documents. El Pollo Loco will hand over a free Taco Al Carbon with any drink purchase, if you bring in a coupon.

Keep in mind, some stores are individually owned and may not be participating in special promotions like these. If you hear of any others, though, let us know!