V.25 No.22 | 06/02/2016

The Daily Word in Dragons, The Lonely Island and Heroin

The Daily Word

Another cyclist was hit and killed by an Albuquerque driver.

I want a baby dragon.

Have you tried any Instagram diets?

Would you rather...” with The Lonely Island. (Yes. Yes, everything with The Lonely Island)

Hey! Can we play trade-sies real quick? I have a gun, you have some heroin so why not, ya know?

German Government officials decided they actually did commit genocide. HUH.

What a teacher in Colorado Springs did to prevent any of her students from committing suicide might make you cry.

Gawd, another independent candidate that's running for president?

V.25 No.14 | 04/07/2016

The Daily Word in Health Services, Education and Dollar Stores

The Daily Word

There was a progressive victory in Las Cruces even in the face of 50 to 1 spending from the opposition.

The Lt. Gov. takes to facebook to share in the incendiary rhetoric revolving around UNM Health Sciences Center's relationship with Soutwestern Women's Options.

A popular Taos teacher is leaving education citing Martinez and Skandera's teacher evaluation polices.

And here are some of the repercussions for the governor's wise choices around state health services providers.

There's lots of toxic crap on the shelves at dollar stores. That may at least partially explain the weird smell made by my wine glass shaped sippy-cup.

V.24 No.40 | 10/1/2015


The Daily Word in pickles, Boehners and the Pope

The Daily Word

Trans woman harassed by dumb idiots that work for the TSA.

Did the Holy Spirit move House Speaker John Boehner to change his party from “Asshole” to “Philanthropist”? Only time will tell.

Pope Francis heals all.

Tasha The Amazon must be an angel (or an alien) because her flow is heavenly.

New students at UNM inspire an overhaul of the local education system.

I encourage you to be a professional, take your job seriously (especially on a Friday!) and look at these otters.


Don't fuck with pickles, man.

Critical thinking is difficult for government officials, but I believe they can do it one day.

V.23 No.49 |


The Daily Word In Snobby Egyptian Cats, Laughing Gas And Jesus Handing Out Pot

The Daily Word

If you wanna be the new CEO of Abercrombie (apparently they’re still a store) you can be! Because that one guy quit. Or resigned. Or whatever the “cool kids” do.

A local high school creative writing teacher resigned after controversy surrounding a student's story about Jesus handing out pot. (Why wasn’t she our high school creative writing teacher?!)

And who hasn’t demanded a plane be taxied back to its terminal when flight snacks are served inadequately?

This woman dressed as the Abominable Snowman, and her poodle, Lizard, understand the true meaning of Christmas/life.

Any time we’ve asked for a bite of someone’s brownie, it was NEVER laced with pot. Thanks for nothing!

In other more duh-ish news, a scientist thinks laughing gas is a great way to treat depression! Tell my uptight dentist that. He’s stingy with that shit.

And if you have a genius cat, it’s possible she was once an “Egyptian princess” who was “used to being treated like a deity”

V.18 No.42 | 10/15/2009


The Hoot Smalley Report #3: Reporting from Santa Fe

Coffee, Eggs Benedict who could ask for anything more? Friday was an exciting day! Our President won the Nobel Peace Prize, not for what he has done, for what he hopes to do. The teachers of New Mexico stormed the round house.

Now I wasn’t in Norway or D.C., but I was in Santa Fe. That’s where I saw the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) along with a few other unions form a sizable mob that stormed the front steps of the Round House.

What I found interesting was the solidarity that I.A.T.S.E Local 480 and 423 leaders and members showed in their support of the teachers. Whether through providing a launching point from their meeting hall at the New Mexico Film Museum or running waters to the kids and seniors who were incensed enough to show up and protest the idea of our legislators that cutting off the funding to public education is actually a good idea.

Then as the procession marched its way up to the Round House I noticed that the same I.A.T.S.E. leaders and members were the same ones setting up the P.A. system for the teachers so their leadership could take the stage and speak.

At the end of it all these same guys and gals from I.A.T.S.E were there cleaning up the mess of signs and various bits of litter; leaving the Round House as pristine as it started out before the protest.

To say the least I was very pleased by the decorum of these men and women and their willingness to extend themselves beyond the scope of their own Union’s worries and concerns.

Why, you might ask? The answer is simple, for years I have heard that I.A.T.S.E members are stuck up, crass, and rude. Having seen them in action for the first time I have to say that this is an unfair treatment that they have received over the years. These people are just honest hard working folk who want what we all want I think. A better life and they are not afraid to work for it.

So, with that said. Is it enough? No, the guys and gals of I.A.T.S.E. have an uphill battle against them. Right now the Film Industry here is completely dependent on outside revenue. The profits from spending that revenue here never come back in the form of dividends for the betterment of our state. Sure the state makes money while the New York and L.A. types are here spending their capital, but once the movie is made those profits belong to them.

What then can be done to make the Film Industry more of a firmament in our cities and our state overall? What is required is personal investment. Independent Production Companies are a start. However, if you ask around you will find that none of these local producers are SAG, WGA, or DGA signatories; or if they are they aren’t saying it very loud.

Okay, so let me back up a second: SAG is the Screen Actor’s Guild, WGA is the Writer’s Guild of America, and DGA is the Director’s Guild of America. What is a Signatory? The Signatory is the individual or the company that has signed an agreement with one or more of the above mentioned bodies and agrees to hold themselves accountable by the terms and conditions of the contract.

What does signing one of these contracts do? It is a sign that the given production that is a signatory is professionally produced, thus a more credible source of content for Distribution Companies to take a chance in investing in (i.e., purchasing) the final product and display across the nation.

What all this means is that the membership, specifically, of I.A.T.S.E. local 480 will need to do and the surround film communities of Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Las Cruces will need to do as well is create long term business models that work with the various other guilds and create and establish the businesses in a perpetual sense that will more fully allow for their own growth and development. This is where we need to help these folks as a state and put up the cash that will allow them to have the seed money necessary to fulfill their future financial obligations and actually create a sustainable industry.

V.18 No.40 | 10/1/2009

Ortiz y Pino

The Teachers’ Story

Genuine change in our school systems can’t happen until we get honest about education’s ugliest secret: “Dropouts” are actually push-outs, force outs and most teachers and principals have no interest bringing them back in.

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