Teen Pregnancy

teen pregnancy

V.25 No.1 | 01/07/2016


The Daily Word in REAL ID, Bosque Trails and dinosaur lovin'

The Daily Word

The REAL ID can got kicked further down the street, at least for airports.

The city is asking for comment on where the new trail should run. If and how wide are already decided, so stifle those complaints.

New Mexico's less shitty teen pregnancy rate isn't reflected in rural communities.

Insurance companies failing to pay the Department of Health for vaccines has doctors turning away patients.

An Oklahoma company is pushing for a zoning exemption to begin drilling for oil in Rio Rancho.

Arizona and the US Department of the Interior are making plans for a diversion of the Gila river that threatens its ecology.

Babe I love you, but I'm a T-Rex

V.24 No.53 | 12/31/2015

The Daily Word in Chipotle and Luminosity sucking, North Korea, and George RR Martin

The Daily Word

North Korea claims to set off a hydrogen bomb. Sure, North Korea, sure.

Chipotle under federal investigation on a pretty extensive case of food poisoning.

Luminosity now has to pay $2 million for deceiving users of its brain training prowess.

Teen pregnancy rates in New Mexico are down 57%, and that's wonderful.

Game of Thrones book delays are hurting George more than they're hurting you. Leave the lovely ol' man alone.

Whedon is leaving Marvel, and has many reasons.

V.19 No.39 | 9/30/2010

Miss Diagnosis

Robbins Burns Rubbers

Will APS roll out a new sexual health policy?

[Names and details have been changed to protect confidentiality.]

Sarah was already looking forward to the eighth grade dance, even though it was several months away. Her mother couldn’t afford to buy her a dress, but Sarah’s cousin offered up an old homecoming gown. Unfortunately, it was just a hair too small. So Sarah asked her friends about losing weight, and, in their infinite eighth grade wisdom, her friends recommended a fat-free diet.

Sarah began diligently cutting the fat out of her diet. She quit the candy bars and chips. Her mother honored her request to trade whole milk for skim milk. And Sarah studied herself every morning in the mirror, patiently waiting for the weight to come off.

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V.19 No.3 | 1/21/2010

“Doing it” Isn’t Doing It

Imagine my surprise, when I opened up the Daily Lobo a few days ago and found this article: “’Period sex’ can relieve menstrual cramps and make showering more fun.’”

Come again- (no pun intended)? I had to read more to find out if this was a joke or not. What I learned is that the Daily Lobo, a paper written by students, for students, has organized a column that addresses all of our “sex questions” such as: safer anal sex, and the aforementioned how to have sex on your period. My issue with this is not the idea of helping students to have safer sexual encounters, but the content used to try to do that. In a state that has reported between 1990-2004 a teenage pregnancy rate of 23%; and being a state that is rated the fourth highest state in the country for teenage pregnancy rates between the ages of 15-19; I am fairly certain these girls are not getting pregnant through anal or period sex. Consider this; the Daily Lobo is a free paper. It is distributed not only on campus, but also in many local area shops and restaurants. This means that anyone, any age, can pick this paper up and see these articles. Ok, so the kids are having period sex- what’s the harm; what the article does not mention is that while seemingly safe and more pleasurable, it is also carries with it higher risk of transferring diseases like hepatitis, and H.I.V. There is also higher risk to the female in contracting yeast infections and bladder infections because of the location of the cervix during menstruation- this is briefly mentioned at the end of the article following the information that a woman can still get pregnant during menstruation; however, no mention of using a condom.

If we are going to leave our sexual safety in the hands of college students, perhaps we could leave it to the medical students? Instead of witty banter between “Isabel” and her boyfriend, maybe we could add the possible risks of sex- at any time of the month. Finally, if we insist on these types of articles, then let’s not leave the paper lying around in areas that kids of any age can pick them up. Then I have to explain what a “period” in “period sex” is to my son when I am still trying to get him to use them in sentences.