the dead milkmen

V.19 No.17 | 4/29/2010
Dr. Dog, learning a new song
Jason Nocito

Music Magnified

Dr. Dog Makes a House Call

On its cross-country tour two years ago, Philadelphia’s Dr. Dog—a quirky, lovable indie-soul band—packed bars that held 200 people when the fire department wasn’t looking. Last year, Dr. Dog electrified crowds at 400 to 500 capacity clubs, and this spring the endearing, addicting band is filling even bigger theaters. Luckily for New Mexicans, Dr. Dog still loves to play the rare smaller gig, and getting bigger certainly hasn’t made the band cocky.

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V.19 No.7 | 2/18/2010
Photo by Seven

Night of the Living Dead Milkmen

I spent last night watching Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen playing solo and acoustic at the independent Onekind Studio. I didn't know what to expect, seeing as the Milkmen hit their stride between the late eighties and early nineties, but I was surprised by what an excellent show he put on. His current tour is called The Huge Bicycle Tour and is named after the van. Talcum brought with him DJ Jester, Lord Grunge and The Bassturd.

Joe Jack Talcum played most of his set alone and a few songs with The Bassturd on accordion. His songs stylistically folk, but with the rawness of punk; about love, loss, societal decay and jellyfish. As an artist he was honest and charming, he spoke very little during his set, but did share with the audience a bag of watermelon twizzlers that he had with him. Talcum may not be with The Dead Milkmen anymore but he continues to rock with The Low Budgets and The Cheesies in addition to playing the spirited songs he writes alone.