The Lion King

the lion king

V.25 No.41 | 10/13/2016
The Lion King
Joan Marcus

Theater Review

Revisiting the Magic of Childhood

The Lion King at Popejoy dazzles

The Lion King at Popejoy Hall dazzled Arts and Lit Editor Maggie Grimason.
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V.21 No.42 | 10/18/2012


The Daily Word in Nobel Peace Prize, flamin’ hot cheetos and giant eyeball

The Daily Word

Five key moments from the Vice Presidential debate.

Abusive mom pleads guilty, now faces life sentence.

Saggio’s owner sends 130 children to see The Lion King.

European Union awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Wayne Newton owns wallabies, but this is not one of them.

One Albuquerque schools officials urge parents to leave the flamin’ hot cheetos at home.

Tom Hanks heads to Broadway. Sarah Brightman heads to Space.

Giant Eyeball washes up on Florida beach

Anybody need a Halloween costume?

Celebrities that are related to other celebrities!