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V.21 No.12 | 3/22/2012


A St. Pat’s playlist

I have a good friend who refers to me as "green-sweater Irish," meaning that like many St. Paddy's Day revelers, I only give creedence to the Emerald Isle one day a year. It also means that I don't know shite about the culture and have no place associating myself with it.

For the record, I heavily contest all of these counts against my perceived lack of Irishness. As evidence, many of my favorite authors and musicians are Irish (I've listened to The Pogues so many times that I believe it's contributed to my perilous dental condition).

My dad also claimed to be a quarter Irish, which, given my mom's Eastern European genes, would make me about an eighth.

So there's a start.

Beyond that, I enjoy potatoes and drinking. And by drinking, I don't mean swilling a concoction of Natural Light and Green No. 3 through a plastic tube hanging from a balcony.

OK, I'll admit I've done that.

But my Irishness (or lack thereof) aside, I thought I should bless you fair readers with a few musical gems to commemorate this fond anniversary of a drunk beating at serpents in the woods. Or whatever it was that happened—this holiday, like my beloved Casimir Pulaski Day, is kinda hard to pin down.

So here are a couple great Irish songs. And no, you won't find any of that feckin' Flogging Molly shite on this list:

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