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Reel World

Reel World

Bosque time

Films screen in Spanish, Movies on the Plaza returns with The Jungle Book and It’s Chinatown, Jake.
V.20 No.21 | 5/26/2011

Feature Interview

From Hamlet to Hammer Time

An interview with Thor director Kenneth Branagh

There’s little doubt that 2011 will be known as the Summer of the Superhero. The epic Marvel Comics / Paramount Pictures adaptation of Thor started it off with a mighty THWAK-A-BOOM!, pulling in nearly $66 million on its opening weekend. Still to come on this summer’s comic book front are X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern and Captain America: The First Avenger. We took the opportunity to call up Thor’s famed director, Shakespeare-loving Brit Kenneth Branagh, and discuss our mutual love for men in tights.
V.20 No.19 | 5/12/2011

video games

Webgame Wednesday: Thor: Bring The Thunder

Thor smacked a big ol' Midgard Serpent-sized hole in the box office this last weekend. If you feel like reliving the fun, videogame-style, Marvel Comics is happy to help you out with Thor: Bring The Thunder. The Norse God of Thunder has never looked cuter than in this Mega Man-inspired 8-bit platformer. Jump around, bust up trolls with your hammer and, of course, power up for the titular boom-shaka-laka.

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history lesson

DayBird - May 17th

1536 - George Boleyn, and four other chaps were beheaded on Tower Hill. George was the brother of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's twenty-seven millionth wife. He was convicted of incest with his sister, the Queen.

The four other “lovers” implicated in the plot, Sir Henry Norris, Sir Francis Weston, Sir William Brereton and Mark Smeaton were tried on May 12th. Despite lack of evidence all of men were found guilty. Thomas Boleyn, Anne's papa, sat on the jury and basically condemned his own daughter by finding the men guilty. thanks, daddy. I would of announced if I slept with my brother, I may as well of slept with my dad, and sent him to the axe with me. That is how I roll.

1673 – Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette begin exploring the Mississippi River. They departed from St. Ignace with two canoes and five other voyageurs of French-Indian ancestry.

1733 - England passed the Molasses Act, putting high tariffs on rum and molasses imported to the colonies from a country other than British possessions.

1936 - Dennis Hopper, American actor, True Grit, Blue Velvet, Easy Rider, is born.

1954 – The United States Supreme Court hands down a unanimous decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. Major civil rights victory, ruling that racial segregation in public educational facilities is unconstitutional.

In 1896, the Supreme Court ruled in Plessy v. Ferguson that "separate but equal" accommodations in railroad cars conformed to the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection. That ruling was used to justify segregating all public facilities. However, in the case of Linda Brown, the white school she attempted to attend was far superior to her black alternative and miles closer to her home. In 1954, it reached the Supreme Court.

In an opinion, the nation's highest court ruled that not only was the "separate but equal" doctrine unconstitutional in Linda's case, it was unconstitutional in all cases because educational segregation stamped an inherent badge of inferiority on African American students. Good on you.

1970 – Thor Heyerdahl sets sail from Morocco on the papyrus boat Ra II to sail the Atlantic Ocean. He wanted to prove, something. He did.

1973 - The investigation of Watergate by the Senate begins televised hearings on the Watergate scandal. E hole la, in trouble.

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The Daily Word 02.10.10: Snow, Earthquake, 9/11

The Daily Word

It's still snowing in Washington DC.

An earthquake hit Chicago last night.

ABC News has uncovered some never before seen 9/11 pictures.

An Albuquerque newspaper carrier found a body in the street this morning.

Nerds rejoice! Portions of the upcoming Thor movie will be shot in Santa Fe.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs made fun of Sarah Palin.

These screw-in coffins are pretty cool.

What types of cheeses should you buy your lover this weekend?

Last night was the last night of the Jay Leno Show.

The captain from the Deadliest Catch died.

Lost your job? Maybe you could be a professional gamer.

Turns out too much TV can kill you. Also, being bored can kill you. So good luck with that.

Hugh Hefner is being sued for wrecking Playboy.