V.22 No.8 | 2/21/2013

video games

Webgame Wednesday on Thursday: 400 Years

In the innovative, experimental game 400 Years, you play a big-headed, kind-hearted dude who just wants to save the world. But you've only got 400 years in which to pull it off. Sounds pretty easy, huh? Unfortunately, you'll be doing it through the unusual mechanic of time manipulation. You have the ability to speed the clock, forcing the world to race through the seasons, letting years zip by at the touch of a button. Need a lake to freeze over, so you can walk across it? Just wait until winter. Need a tree to grow to climb higher? Just wait a few years. Suddenly 400 years seems kinda short. You'll spend a lot of time standing around waiting in this unusual game, so patience is something of a virtue. What are you waiting for? Get to waiting.

V.19 No.7 | 2/18/2010

The Chilean Earthquake Has Made the Earth’s Days 1.26 Microseconds Shorter

This is amazing and creepy. The Chilean earthquake (which was the seventh most powerful earthquake in recorded history) kicked up the earth’s rotational speed so that days are now shorter. At first I thought, “Cool. I hate sunlight.” Then I realized the nights were shorter, too. It’s that whole rotating-on-its-axis thing. I hope somebody writes a really long, boring poem about this and reads it out loud to me.