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The Daily Word in security, surveillance, drones and genderless pronouns

The Daily Word

There's a new security measure in the Albuquerque mayor's office: a second door.

New security measures coming to Pat Hurley park in NW Albuquerque.

Charges are being dropped in the case of three UNM football players accused of raping a female student.

VICE covers APD and the "Albuquerque Spring".

Check out this photo gallery of Barstow's many kitschy motels.

Here is a national map of military and civilian drone crashes as well as airports that are or will be hosting drone traffic.

How much are Bob Dylan's lyrics to "Like a Rolling Stone" worth?

Vancouver school board approves the use of genderless pronouns.

Get up to date on the ISIS/Iraq scene with Jon Stewart.

Learn the true meaning of "my two cents" and other business jargon that should be used sparingly.

Watch Japanese folks master the use of the English-speaker's favorite curse word.

Excellent short film set to Tiny Tim's "Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight".

V.19 No.14 | 4/8/2010


The Daily Word 4.12.10: Hipsters, Hillary, Tiny Tim.

The Daily Word

PETA says Ringling Bros. Circus tortures elephants.

Could Hillary Clinton bcome a Supreme Court Justice?

The recession isn’t over.

Spankings might turn kids into bullies.

Near-death experience gives visions of Granny. No mention of Uncle Jed. Visions could be caused by high carbon dioxide levels in the blood.

A bell-shaped UFO was photographed in Tennessee.

Richard Dawkins wants the Pope arrested for crimes against humanity.

Handling money takes away the sting of pain.

Hipsters are too cool to return census forms.

PRC commissioner Carol Sloan was convicted of two felonies.

Albuquerque burglars target… Party City.

Get in Carlsbad Caverns for free.

Tim Johnson died in a motorcycle smash on Candelaria.

Zippy Maez found dynamite in his house.

Berry plans to extend the red light camera contracts.

It’s Tiny Tim’s birthday.

Oh, and it’s National Poetry Month. Here’s a Gregory Orr poem painted by his wife.