todd eric lovato

V.21 No.46 | 11/15/2012
Todd Eric Lovato
Nagmin Choi


Todd and the Fox drops debut album

Jim Phillips meditates on Todd and the Fox’s sound and talks with front man Todd Eric Lovato about the stateside premiere of his danceable Americana act’s self-titled debut album. Read all about it in Big in South Korea. Check out music from Todd and the Fox below. Low Spirits • Todd and the Fox • Cali Shaw • Alex Maryol • Zack Freeman • The Imperial Rooster • Sat Nov 17 • 9 pm • $5 • 21+ •

Todd Eric Lovato
Nagmin Choi

Album Release

Big in South Korea

Danceable Americana duo unveils debut album

Jim Phillips reports on banjo-pop project Todd and the Fox’s stateside album release.
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V.20 No.47 | 11/24/2011
Brian Spencer

Song Roulette


Longtime local songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Todd Eric Lovato (Skinnyfat, Fantastic Planet, Felonious Groove Foundation and now Todd & the Fox) put his music library on shuffle.
V.19 No.35 | 9/2/2010
Zack Freeman


Seis Balas: The Solo Sets

Tonight, six New Mexico musicians join forces to create a showcase of solo work. See the indie blues of Alex Maryol, the performance poetry of Hakim Bellamy, the electro-folk of Todd Eric Lovato, the loop station beatboxing of Zack Freeman, the indie folk of Cali Soberanes and the singing/songwriting of Leah Black. The show happens at REVLIS (712 Central), and admission to the all-ages event is $5.