Tom Cruise

tom cruise

V.24 No.22 | 5/28/2015


The Daily Word in lightning, moustaches, couch abuse and erectile dysfunction

The Daily Word

Severe weather is killing and disappearing people in Texas and Oklahoma.

Ever wondered who invented Memorial Day?

Protesters in Oakland are protesting the new protest laws.

Daily coffee consumption could be the reason your wiener is working properly.

In the elite world of fabulous facial hair, this man is putting Albuquerque on the map.

Colorado is throwing $100 Million in good taxpayer money after bad for the completion of this colossal construction failure.

While on the way to Ruidoso via motorcycle, a woman was struck by lightning.

A 65-year-old woman gave birth to quadruplets.

A male Flight Attendant was caught smuggling passports in his skivvies and has been sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Robots could take over your job.

It’s the 10th anniversary of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch.

A Santa Fe vandal almost won the Darwin Award.

V.21 No.36 | 9/6/2012


The Daily Word in Bun Stabbers, Monkey Smugglers and baby turtles.

The Daily Word

It’s September 11.

Wrestler Jerry Lawler collapses.

Attack of the Bun Stabber.

Scientology is mad at Vanity Fair.

Night of the Monkey Smuggler.

Iran unveils the Meshkat missile.

Everybody loves funny pictures.

I repeat, everybody loves funny pictures.

These are real sci fi children’s books. Not really.

Here’s a gentleman they say chased some kids with a chainsaw right here in town.

I’m a big fan of little turtles and promise not to touch my mouth.

Happy Birthday Virginia Madsen.

V.21 No.34 | 8/23/2012


The Daily Word in Red Bull, Scientology and Weaponization.

The Daily Word

An heir to the Red Bull fortune is accused of a fatal hit and run.

Did the Church of Scientology audition girlfriends for Tom Cruise?

Old Navy needs a new proofreader.

An Iowa air show disaster was caught on tape.

The Obama White House brews beer.

Here are some “perfectly timed” photos.

Here is some interesting song trivia.

Here’s what happens when you try to kick a cop.

Weaponize your life with these fun projects.

Keanu is sad.

This map of the Fantasy World can’t possibly be accurate.

Albuquerque is going to host a conference on sex offender issues.

Tractor won the fight for growlers in Nob Hill.

Russ Sype for President.

Happy birthday, Beyonce.

V.19 No.30 | 7/29/2010
Risky Business

Couch Potato

I Like to Watch (Instantly): Risky Business

Notable titles from the Netflix Watch Instantly world


Directed by Paul Brickman

Cast: Megan Mullally, Tom Cruise, Janet Carroll, Joe Pantoliano, Curtis Armstrong, Rebecca De Mornay, Nicholas Pryor

Defending Risky Business from imagined detractors could be a full-time job. It’s the archetypal juvenile male fantasy: easy sex with hot blonde prostitute Lila (Rebecca De Mornay), chase scenes in fast cars (dad has a Porsche), no parents (they’re out of town) and the chance to triumph over Guido the Killer Pimp (Joe Pantoliano). The first line of the film encapsulates this so neatly it’s hard to believe: “The dream is always the same.”

Brickman’s pre-John Hughes sex comedy exudes existentialist ennui, teen hormones and film noir fatalism in equal measure. This is the movie that demonstrates the Tom Cruise star power, now so sadly depleted and misused for Dianetic ends. First-time writer-director Paul Brickman (he directed only one other film) made some excellent decisions, not the least of which was to keep things dark. The Tangerine Dream score telegraphs the director’s intent to make a black comedy, a satire even (Cruise’s character Joel is a member of the Future Enterprisers and he ends up running a brothel). So much the better.

For my money, the two highlights of this entertainment are:

(1) Joel burying his head in Lila’s shoulder after his dad’s Porsche ends up in Lake Michigan; her cold, cruel look into the 360-spinning camera is priceless. He is hers.

(2) The sex-on-a-train scene; Chicago mass transit never looked so much like a boudoir on wheels. The seen-from-a-train voyeurism/exhibitionism is even foreshadowed in the opening credits, a move not usually seen in ’80s teen sex comedies.

I don’t condone this film, but it’s very, very good. Especially considering what it is. If nothing else, it’s the best Tom Cruise film ever made. HD version available, if you got the bandwidth.