tomas moniz

V.26 No.40 | 10/5/2017
Tomas Moniz
Tomas Moniz

Culture Shock

Freedom of the (Small) Presses

Ariel Gore and Tomas Moniz visit ABQ Zine Fest Seven

Ariel Gore and Tomas Moniz have carved out a niche for their distinct approach to exploring and opening the dialogue on family and radical parenting, while simultaneously making room to grow their other writing practices.
V.20 No.50 | 12/15/2011


“Rad Dad” reading today at Winning Coffee

In this week’s issue the Alibi interviewed Tomas Moniz, editor and creator of the alternative-parenting zine “Rad Dad.” Moniz recently put out a book that features choice selections from the last six years of his zine. He’ll be reading excerpts today at Winning Coffee (111 Harvard SE) at 3 p.m. Several other authors will be on hand to share the mic.