V.25 No.36 | 09/08/2016
Coheed and Cambria
Manuel Casanova

Event Horizon

Call of Cambria

Tuesday, Sep 20: Coheed and Cambria, Saves the Day and Polyphia

The Color Before the Sun VIP Packages available.
V.25 No.35 | 09/01/2016
Daye Jack got the music flowin'


You Could've Been Part of the Crowd

Watsky Shone at Sunshine

This past rainy weekend, Sunshine Theater was rocked by WATSKY, Witt Lowry, Daye Jack and Chuckwudi Hodge. If you missed out, here are a few snapshots to give you a taste of the energy that was bouncing off the walls and running through the crowd.

Also, this is a gem if you're all about that old sound.

V.25 No.28 | 07/14/2016
emotiroi auranaut via Compfight

Event Horizon

Hand to Mouth

Friday, Jul 22: Finger Mouth

The hilarious dark tale of one girl's journey through the "what's real?" world of possible mental illness.
V.25 No.13 | 03/31/2016
Oliver Abels

Event Horizon

Playing the Guitar for Jazz

Saturday, Apr 9: Kevin Eubanks • jazz

The renowned jazz guitarist performs for a night.
V.25 No.10 | 03/10/2016
Back Alley Draft House Facebook

Event Horizon

Dear Beer

Thursday, Mar 17: St. Patty's Pub Ride

Get your shamrock on and sample the best pubs in downtown Albuquerque.
V.23 No.3 | 1/16/2014

Book Review

The Van Life

Tour Sucks

Sometimes, DIY tour across the country is a total disaster. But it sure makes for some entertaining reading.
V.22 No.31 |


The Daily Word in the Bulger trial, a bomb-throwing beauty queen and singing canines

The Daily Word

The defense says he was an informant; the prosecution says he's a murderer. Bulger's trial should come to a close this afternoon.

Talk about the future in food ...

It looks like the recently crowned Miss Riverton isn't your average bombshell.

Two people were injured in a shootout that targeted the Black Berets motorcycle club. The Black Berets say “it ain't over.”

In Bernalillo County, a man was shot and killed by police on Sunday evening after threatening a deputy.

Apparently breaking into public pools for a late-night dip isn't enough …

The “Old Main” prison, which been closed for 15 years, could become “New Mexico's Alcatraz.

It seems like Daft Punk might be popular with canines as well.

V.21 No.42 | 10/18/2012
The Melvins Lite (from left) Buzz Osborne, Trevor Dunn and Dale Crover
The Melvins


Melvins Lite delivers Freak Puke and old standards

Music writer Lizzy Von Stange gabs with King Buzzo about the Melvins’ new lineup, Freak Puke, touring, numerological fascination and his dream collaborations in The Melvins’ Numer-illogical Tour

The Melvins

with Tweak Bird

Sunday, Oct. 21, at 8 p.m.


618 Central SW

Tickets: $16, 21-and-over

The Melvins Lite (from left) Buzz Osborne, Trevor Dunn and Dale Crover
The Melvins

Show Up!

The Melvins’ Numer-illogical Tour

Lizzy Von Stange chats with King Buzzo about breaking records, making music and collaborating with metrosexuals and ghosts.
V.20 No.36 | 9/8/2011


Michael Vick signs new contract

Point of Touré's ESPN piece mainly missed

When word broke that the Philadelphia Eagles were going to make Michael Vick a hundred million dollar man again, commenters on the Internet immediately dug into their trenches and started lobbing grenades at the other side. After all, this is Vick we're talking about. If the hype on either side is to be believed, he's either a vicious, unrepentant dog killer who deserves nothing, or he's one of the greatest quarterbacks of the modern era.

All this controversy came on top of an earlier explosion, this one being totally out of Vick's control. On Thursday of last week, ESPN ran a piece that will appear in the September 5th issue of ESPN the Magazine titled "What if Michael Vick were white?". The author of that piece, Touré, says that he asked ESPN not to title it as such, but obviously that request went unfulfilled.

Touré's article was actually a nuanced piece on how asking such a question is, in the world we live in, impossible. However, the title was what a vast majority of people saw. Those who did not see the title nor read the piece, though, had plenty to take away. Accompanying the piece, ESPN commissioned a photo illustration, literally depicting the titular question. All subtlety and nuance from a gifted writer went out the window.

Instead what we were left with was very reminiscent of the political landscape of today. The aforementioned trenches were dug, opinions were honed to an even finer point, and pithy, five- to ten-second commentary abounded. No one's mind was changed by Touré's article, nor by the comments that followed as it was reposted on site after site. Those who thought we live in a post-racism world before reading the article still do. They hold up the article as an example of minorities harping on a problem that no longer exists. Those who were sympathetic to possibilities of racism in the world finished the piece by shaking their heads, finding yet another textbook case of proving their viewpoint right.

It's difficult (nigh impossible) to honestly discuss these sorts of issues nowadays. If you want to talk sports, you've got to be able to get on TV and give a thirty-second opinion. If you're not screaming, you've got to be issuing some sort of fierce rebuttal to the person who screamed before you. If you want to discuss things at length, you're an academic: out of touch with the world and only interested in perpetuating ideas, refusing to deal in reality.

There are serious questions that are raised by the Touré piece, including but not limited to: race and racism, black style and black lifestyle, the ever-changing morals of bringing up children in America—regardless of race— but keeping in mind how that race (something no person has a choice on) affects that upbringing. There are questions on the American judicial system and the penalties that any person should have to pay for any crime, whether it's against human, animal or another form of life. There are questions on how worthy any thought experiment really is.

But, at the end of the day, instead of those questions being discussed, most people saw the picture, read the headline, and started screaming.

V.18 No.29 | 7/16/2009

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Flyer on the Wall

Little Wing

Sputniq releases an album and embarks on a tour. The Oktober People, Zagadka and Reighnbeau do their part to flood Winning Coffee Co. with reverb on Friday, July 17. $3 donation. Creatures of all ages welcome. (Laura Marrich)

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