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You'll need to stand in the middle of Gold St. west of 4th to see this one



Third Albuquerque Toynbee Tile Found

It was a Wednesday afternoon like any other. Business took my comrade and I to the intersection of 4th and Gold streets in downtown Albuquerque. Parking on the north side of Gold, across from the historic Simms Building, I ran across the street to deliver Alibis to a certain donut shop that operates out of the fifties-vintage steel/glass enclosure currently best known as the DEA offices on "Breaking Bad." On my return dash across the street I was keeping my eyes peeled for found money on the ground when lo and behold my psyche was confronted with the unmistakable color, shape and message of a third Albuquerque Toynbee Tile.

Cleverly deployed for decades onto streets around North America and the world, Toynbee Tiles appear to have arrived in Albuquerque sometime in 2011, the same year the excellent documentary film Resurrect Dead was released. Read the original story here and find out where the second Albuquerque Toynbee Tile is here. The coda to this most recent find reads "TIME'S UP!" and there's a nifty ashtray to the right. Keep looking down.

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You'll need to stand in the middle of 2nd St. to see this


Never-ending CONSPIRACY!

A second Albuquerque Toynbee Tile

My good friend Pierre LaFarge rides his Mexican-Italian bicycle through the intersection of Copper and 2nd Street just about everyday, so when he says this Toynbee Tile was not there last week, I am inclined to agree. The message reads:





The tag below the tile may indicate that this tile was laid down a couple years after being made (i.e. in 2011):

well its getting kind of late

cut [sic] its been fun!!!

The tile is in the northbound lane of 2nd Street just north of Copper:

If you haven't seen "Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles," drop what you're doing and watch it -but first, be sure to reread this post about Albuquerque's other Toynbee Tile located at the intersection of Tijeras and 3rd Street.

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Albuquerque Toynbee Tile

A friend hipped me to the location of a Toynbee Tile in downtown Albuquerque on Tijeras just east of Third St. The message on this particular tile appears to be of the "Hades/anti-media" ilk and is partially missing:


In the early eighties when the tiles started appearing in Philadelphia, the message on these small, public screeds was:

Toynbee Tiles, or at least the first generation of them, seem to be the work of a single man who believed he had discovered the secret of immortality in the writings of historian Arnold Toynbee, found confirmation of this possibility in the death sequence at the end of the Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey, and felt an obsessive need to inform the human race that we could resurrect the dead. I can't remember what Jupiter has to do with it, but I like to think it's got something to do with Sun Ra.

The method for disseminating this concept, as well as other rants (mainly against "the media machine," sometimes anti-semitic, and often paranoid,) is to cut the message into linoleum tile, cover the edges of the tile with asphalt sealer and the top with tar paper -and proceed to drop it onto a busy street in the middle of the night, often in crosswalks. As vehicles drive over the tile, it is pushed into the street and eventually the paper comes off, revealing the message. Toynbee Tiles are found all over North America and in some parts of South America. There's an excellent, must-watch 2011 documentary film about the search for the Toynbee Tiler called "Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of The Toynbee Tiles."