V.25 No.12 | 03/24/2016

Event Horizon


Friday, Apr 1: A Night of Magic with Francis Menotti: The Magician Who Stumped Penn and Teller

The TEDxTalk magican performs.
V.25 No.11 | 03/17/2016


The Daily Word in terrorism, stolen UFOs and expensive ships

The Daily Word

A Seattle man has climbed an 80-foot tree and won't come down.

The Navy's new destroyer costs $4.4 billion.

Astronauts may find Easter eggs in newest supply shipment to the International Space Station.

Is there any logic to suicide bombings?

Las Cruces police officer gets nine years for sexual assault; City settles for $3 million.

A UFO has been stolen from a Roswell museum.

A five-year-old girl saved her mother from drowning.

The search for the Brussels attack suspects is on.

ISIS understands propaganda and how to use the media to its advantage.

Still trying to think up a decent April Fools prank?

V.19 No.23 | 6/10/2010

Ten Things

Ten Spy Tricks You Can Use in Real Life

1) When you’re driving, turn on your blinker and slow down like you’re going to turn, but then keep driving straight.

2) You can pretend to drink from a glass by tilting the liquid toward your lips while keeping your lips closed. The charade becomes foolproof when you say “Ahhh” after each pretend sip.

3) Changing your appearance is an important tactic for throwing people off your trail. Enter a public restroom then immediately exit with a hat on.

4) Spies surreptitiously pass cryptic, coded notes to one another; it requires practice. Try passing notes to strangers and acquaintances then deny having done so.

5) Pretend Talking (a.k.a. Non-Talkies) is an important skill to accomplish with your trusted comrades. Move your mouth, gesture with your hands and nod thoughtfully as though engaged in lively conversation, but take care that neither of you make a sound. Pretend Talking is most effective when performed in an automobile or at a crowded cocktail party.

6) Cut a large hole in the front page of a newspaper then laugh silently as you monitor the room; you appear to be engrossed in reading.

7) See what’s happening at the table behind you by holding up a small mirror. You’ll usually want to focus on one person’s face for several minutes.

8) Even if you don’t have any spy gadgets at your disposal, the other spies don’t need to know that. Keep counterintelligence on their toes by speaking into a pencil. “Forgive me, comrade, but we must communicate another time. I need petrol for my autobus.”

9) Take advantage of the cover provided by your natural surroundings. Never walk in a straight line when it’s possible to dart from tree to doorway.

10) Identify other spies with the Secret Handshake: wiggle your fingers like a captured spider.