V.25 No.5 | 02/04/2016


The Daily Word in death, asshole lab rats and chess queens

The Daily Word

#1 reason not to perform animal testing: lab rats are jerks.

Further proof that animals are only pretending to be cute.

A rare albino turtle hatched in Australia.

Migrant students are better than your lazy American kid.

Hell yes, women can beat you at chess.

Thinking about death makes you more punitive, religious and conservative.

Fatal insomnia is a thing.

So The Guest has a killer soundtrack. Who knew?

V.19 No.28 |

turtle power

HELP! I found a turtle in my backyard.

I found this turtle in my backyard this evening. I need the following questions answered:

What kind of turtle is it?

How the hell did it get in my yard? My neighbor has turtles in his yard but we have a wall separating us. Could it have burrowed under?