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tv review

V.25 No.27 | 7/7/2016
Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio teaser

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Say What?

“Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio” on Cartoon Network

It’s not “funny: ha-ha.” It’s “funny: um, OK.” Fans of Adult Swim’s increasingly surreal, post-stoner, insomiac comedy might get it.
V.25 No.26 | 6/30/2016
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What’s New?

Fresh TV shows debut in fall

Fall will be here some day, but we already know what that season’s prime time lineup looks like.
V.25 No.25 | 6/23/2016

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Surf and Turf

“Sigmund and the Sea Monsters” on Amazon

Sid and Marty Krofft continue their tradition of creating and producing weird and wacky children’s television programming.
V.25 No.24 | 6/16/2016
Animal Kingdom trailer

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Crime Pays

“Animal Kingdom” on TNT

“Sons of Anarchy” but with surfboards instead of motorcycles, the cast being the primary attraction.
V.25 No.23 | 6/9/2016
Wrecked trailer

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Modern Survivor

“Wrecked” on TBS

How can you poop outdoors comfortably? Can you live without technology and still be fulfilled?
V.25 No.22 | 6/2/2016
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Exorcist Too

“Outcast” on Cinemax

A grimly humorless walk in the dark with plenty of realistic drama and just enough grisly jolts to keep you awake at night.
V.25 No.21 | 5/26/2016
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God, Guns and Guts

“Preacher” on AMC

AMC’s newest comic book adaptation “Preacher” is strange, sinful and seriously addictive.
V.25 No.20 | 5/19/2016
Wicket City pilot

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The Axeman Cometh

Networks announce cancellations

Last Thursday broadcast networks put the final nail in the coffin of this past season by announcing which shows have been canceled.
V.25 No.19 | 5/12/2016
Locke & Key trailer

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Television News

Tidbits from around the dial

How long before we see the Superman-free “Krypton,” the Lou Diamond Phillips-filled “The Night Stalker” and TV’s second attempt at “Locke & Key”?
V.25 No.18 | 5/5/2016
BrainDead promo

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Summertime Views

10 shows to watch out for this summer

Television networks can no longer afford to rest on their laurels for three months out of the year, so we have a whole slew of potentially interesting shows premiering this summer.
V.25 No.17 | 4/28/2016
Ride With Norman Reedus sneak peek

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TV News

Tidbits from around the dial

Norman Reedus gets a travel show, “Doctor Who” gets a new companion and High School Musical returns.
V.25 No.16 | 4/21/2016
The Detour ad

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Off the Map

“The Detour” on TBS

“The Detour” takes place over the course of one family’s increasingly disastrous summer vacation, and finds some hilariously uncomfortable directions to take.
V.25 No.15 | 4/14/2016
Time Traveling Bong trailer

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“Time Traveling Bong” on Comedy Central

How dope is Comedy Central’s 4/20 miniseries “Time Traveling Bong”?
V.25 No.14 | 4/7/2016
Dice trailer

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Back in the game

“Dice” on Showtime

Andrew Dice Clay is back and broke on Showtime’s funny-sad “Dice.”
V.25 No.13 | 3/31/2016
Introducing: America's Greatest Makers

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“America’s Greatest Makers” on TBS

Back to the drawing board

Can inventors build a better moustrap on TBS’ “America’s Greatest Makers”?