V.25 No.25 | 6/23/2016
Reel World

Reel World

Unidentified Filmic Object

UFOs, MST3K and cat-based shorts are part of this week’s Reel World.
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The Daily Word in Egypt, UFOs and free rides

The Daily Word

Turkey-shapes-made-from-other-food competition. David Byrne entered two.

Tavern Taxi will drive you home for free this weekend if you've had a few drinks. Good for anywhere in Bernalillo County. 999-1400.

Black Friday shopping rage.

Businesses struggle on Lead, and road construction through the holiday season could mean local shops won't survive.

More UFO sightings in New Mexico than usual.

Worst movies ever.

Since the Republicans don't want him, ex-Gov. Gary Johnson might go Libertarian.

Sandiago's Mexican Grill cooks up a Thanksgiving feast for foster kids and their families.

Egyptians protest the military regime.

Journalist talks about her assault in Egypt by riot police.

The world's first full face transplant.

The rogue ad man behind Buy Nothing Day and the Occupy movement.

Changes to the Catholic mass.

Famous people who died in 2011.

V.19 No.45 | 11/11/2010

Alibi Picks

UFOs and Pop Culture

New Mexico just can't help but toss itself into the conversation about extraterrestrials and UFOs. Presenter Norio Hayakawa knows a thing or two about those kinds of things—he has studied much-debated topics like Area 51 and the fabled Dulce underground base for years. Today at 6:30 p.m., hear Hayakawa's lecture "The Impact of Beliefs in UFOs on American Pop Culture" at Esther Bone Memorial Library (950 Pinetree SE, Rio Rancho). No registration is required. For more, call the library at 891-5012 ext. 3128.